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There will be no Fourth season for Nickelodeon's Drama series House of Anubis

#HouseAnubis Cancelled, No Season Four :(

Regarding Season 4 of House of Anibus, there has been conflicting information from the cast and crew as to whether we will be able to enjoy a new season. We have all of the information below, you be the judge.

In November of 2013 Nickelodeon confirmed that they were renewing House of Anubis for a fourth season, but it’s two years later and we haven’t heard anything since.

As always, cast members seem to always be the first to let slip if a new season is on the cards. Tasie Lawrence, who plays Mara Jaffray, tweeted a while ago that if there is a demand for a fourth season then there will likely be one. She followed up the tweet by stating that if the show’s creators do produce a fourth season then she sadly wouldn’t be a part of it, possibly due to other acting commitments.

Then, more recently, Louisa Burnham revealed (accidentally?) via Twitter that she was on her way to “Anibusland” and that she missed Willow Jenks’ hair. Hmmmm.

Klariza Clayton (Joy Mercer) has also announced that she will not be returning to the show if it is renewed for a fourth season. It has also been rumored that Ana Mulvoy-Ten (Amber Milington) and Bobby Lockwood (Mick Campbell) also may not return if there is a fourth season, but these rumors have neither been denied or conformed at this point.

However, Natalie Ramos, who plays Nina Martin has stated in an interview that she would jump at the chance to act in another season of HA.

One of the producers of the show tweeted back in 2013 that Season 4 was confirmed, but that’s the last that we’ve heard for a while. His tweet read: “#HA fans not long now! #anubis4.” Fans are hanging on to this little morsel of information for dear life.

While Season 4 has yet to be announced, the official website would have confirmed by now if the show had been cancelled for good.

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Two years is a long time between taping considering the cast are mostly teenagers and it is likely that they will grow and change in that time. The previous seasons were all filmed and aired a few months after each other.

Or, could this mean that the show will have a break and that Season 4 will take the form of a reunion show, revealing what the characters have been up to for the past two years and what they’re up to now?

Or, could the fourth season be spin off show, perhaps featuring new characters that are involved with the #HouseAnubis?

Although, there are rumors going around the web that there may very well be a #HA Movie coming out! But that turned out to be a rumor, a 90-minute episode was in production and was scheduled to air as part of Season 3, but was scratched from the schedule. Perhaps this episode will form the first of Season 4? Here’s hoping.

One thing is certain, when it comes to HA, there is a large and dedicated fanbase that would be excited

to see the developments that would take place in a fourth season. So the creators of the show wouldn’t have to worry too much about ratings.

It has been a few years since the last season of #HouseAnubis aired, would you still be interested in watching a fourth season of the show? Are you one of the many fans that are desperately keeping their fingers crossed in the hopes that the show will still be renewed?

House of Anubis was axed by Nickelodeon, no season 4 ahead. We will continue to monitor status of the series in case if it finds new home.

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