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The fate of House Crashers Season 14 remains up in the air

Release Date of #HouseCrashers S14: To be announced

Lucky Number 13!

This is one lottery every home owner wants to win! When Josh Temple and the crew roll up on the lucky winners, there’s no damage left unfixed and no leak left unplugged. Not only do they make the necessary repairs, they gut and remodel rooms, transforming troubled homes into sanctuaries. When a house gets ambushed by these crashers, it’s best to just stand back and watch the magic happen.

Unsuspecting people shopping at home improvement stores can get more than what is on their list if they see Josh heading towards them down the paint aisle. All the fortunate home owner has to do is hand over their keys, then walk in to a complete surprise when Josh is finished. Viewers get to be a part of Josh’s crew as they sledgehammer and rebuild rooms to the delight of the happy owners.

Josh Temple is the kind of host people naturally trust and adore. He is a licensed contractor, so he definitely comes across as an authority and knowledgable expert regardless of the project at hand. The man completely tore out the inside of his own first home, roof to foundation, and rebuilt it from the ground up. There is no job too big or too small for Josh, from tiny electric fixes to basement build-ups, Josh and his team are ready to tackle it all.

The show’s webpage on the DIY network site contains a plethora of amazing tips and tricks, directly from Josh and his team, in the form of short videos that anyone can follow. Things like how to use drill bits correctly, ideas for organizing glassware for a wet bar, tips for saving money on heating and cooling bills, and conserving water by replacing certain fixtures in the home.

There’s no shortage of thumbs-up for this innovative renovation show. IMDb voters rank the show at a 7.0 out of 10 with over 60 votes cast. Viewers seem to really love this show, especially the high-energy host, Josh Temple. The show’s official Facebook page glows with messages singing his praises, appreciating his high level of enthusiasm for construction and life in general. Some have even suggested that HGTV connects him with Nicole Curtis for this show, as they would love to see those two power through a house crash together. Viewers love the informational and educational aspect of House Crashers, and enjoy how well the host teaches DIY aspects of the projects he and his crew undertake.

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Season 13 of #HouseCrashers premiered August 29, 2016, and while there are no viewership numbers or ratings to gauge a prediction, the likelihood of a fourteenth season renewal is looking good. This show has been immensely popular with fans since the beginning, so despite there being a lack of an official announcement from the network about the future of this series, it would shock many if DIY were to cancel it anytime soon.

HC airs Monday nights at 10pm ET, and reruns air throughout the week at various times. Episodes and clips are also available online at the DIY website.

What is your favorite thing about this show: Josh, the rooms he crashes, or the reactions from the surprised home owners? Have you tried any of the tips and tricks offered

by Josh and his team to improve your home? Do you wish Josh would crash your place?

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