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Travel Channel has yet to announce the fate of Hotel Impossible Season 9

Release Date of #HotelImpossible S9: To be announced

Hotels are supposed to be safe and comfortable places that are beneficial to both guests and owners as they provide hospitality and service to weary travellers. Hotel Impossible takes on the make-over mission for some of the most troublesome hotels in the country.

Anthony Melchiorri hosts this long-running series, now beginning its eighth season, with a laundry list of success stories under his belt. There have been many look-back specials in between the seasons where the hotels he has helped out are given the chance to report in on their progress. Some have seen wildly dramatic improvements, others have continued their downward spiral.

Each season, Melchiorri and his team of over-haulers, focus their efforts on not only the aesthetics and design of the establishment, but the human power that drives the place. From the cleaning staff to the owner, nobody is free from scrutiny when it comes to making a major change for the better.

This new season will be matched with one of the series spin-offs, #HotelImpossible: Five Star Secrets, which will get a 2-hour special immediately following the airing of the main show. The spin-off takes viewers on a tour into some of the most exquisite hotels. Melchiorri will choose a person to be the recipient of his surprise “Five Star Favorite” award and grant that employee with $5000.

IMDb voters have ranked this series at a high 7.8 out of 10 with nearly 700 votes cast. Viewers comment about this reality series being one of the most real out there, with clearly unscripted portions and a hilarious host who keeps viewers entertained as they witness major transformations. They say it’s not only entertaining and interesting, but also educational; teaching travelers what to watch out for when they book into potentially troublesome places.

The negative comments reveal that there is more to running a successful hotel than just design and a smiling staff. Slapping the often emotional owner into shape also cannot completely fix the issues, as it appears to do on the show. There are also mentions about the lack of realism when discussing the ongoing maintenance and repairs needed to keep hotels afloat.

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#HotelImpossible has enjoyed a nice steady viewership over the past seven seasons, with the average being around half a million each episode. Season 8 premiered on October 24, 2016, and earned a demo rating of 0.9 with 0.32 million viewers. That’s a bit lower than usual, but as long as the numbers hold steady, there will likely be a ninth season on the books. Travel Channel has not made any official announcements about a renewal or cancelation decision yet, so stay tuned for more information.

#HI airs Monday nights at 10pm ET on the Travel Channel.

Do you enjoy seeing how much a failing hotel can change once improvements begin? Which of Anthony’s projects

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1 month 27 days ago

Love the show and I hope it continues.

1 month 24 days ago

We love this show and I hope it will continue with season 9. One of our favorites.

27 days 13 hours ago

continue very interesting show

5 days 21 hours ago

I enjoy learning exactly what goes in to keeping a hotel running. Just what do theses hoteliers do get into trouble. Love to have a new season.