‘Horace and Pete’ Is Coming To Hulu


The dramedy web series Horace and Pete just got picked up by Hulu for worldwide distribution. For viewers that already watch the series on Louis C.K.’s site this may not be a big deal, well that is until they figure out that this is an exclusive streaming rights deal. That means the only place to watch Horace and Pete, both old and upcoming new episodes will be on pay subscriber Hulu.

Louis payed for the first season out of pocket and while it was a critical success, it cost him millions of dollars. The comedian admitted that selling to another platform would be the best option to recoup the money and move forward with future episodes, and that day has finally come. This will give millions of users worldwide access to a show that really deserves to be watched. Website specific streaming isn’t exactly a viable platform unless you make a business out of it like Amazon, Netflix, or Hulu. Networks that simultaneously air their shows on the company’s website don’t count, since their main outlet is television. That left Horace and Pete in a really tricky situation since it was airing on a website that didn’t even specialize in streaming services. Only a fraction of Louis C.K.’s base really accessed it and enjoyed the show.

Now that it is only Hulu (although behind a paywall) viewers worldwide will get to see his genius. Horace and Pete is about an Irish bar of the same name. Horace ends up owning the bar after his father dies, and it is just revolves around the many characters that frequent the bar. There is a very Cheers vibe about it, but in a much more adult friendly way. The deal is in effect today, so if you haven’t seen it yet then go check it out!

Will this be a loser or a winner for Hulu? What would you consider the best streaming platform in the world?

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