‘Homicide Hunter’: What to Expect from Season 6


Homicide Hunter arrived on our TV screens in 2011 as a crime series on Investigation Discovery and it has continued to date. The series stars Josh Casaubon, Carl Marino and Joe Kenda, among others.

What’s It All About?

Homicide Hunter is sometimes called Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda and it focuses on the career of a retired police detective from Colorado Springs. Kenda investigated homicides for 19 years and the TV series focuses on his cases from the past.

What’s Been Happening?

Season one of Homicide Hunter came onto our TV screens on October 25 2011 and viewers saw Detective Kenda taking on the case of 24 year old Lorraine Laribo who was last seen at a bar and was then killed.

Throughout the season viewers saw the detective looking into cases including a woman who was strangled, a rape victim, a church deacon beaten to death and a woman found strangled.

The series came to an end on November 29 2011 when the detective took on the case of a man that had been stabbed to death and his apartment set on fire.

The latest season to air at the time of writing was season 5. The season began to air on August 18 2015 when an army vet was stabbed many times.

Throughout the season we have seen crimes including a soldier shot in the neck, a sniper on the rampage, a couple being shot in cold blood and more.

Season 5 came to an end on Tuesday night:

What’s In Store?

At the moment we have confirmation of a season 6 of Homicide Detective and since the show is so popular we couldn’t see why a new season wouldn’t be heading our way anyways.

As previous seasons have aired around August to October it is possible that a new season could air around this period in 2016.

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What Are The Top 3 Outstanding Episodes?

Throughout the seasons there have been many great episodes but some have stood out among the best.

Season 2 episode 3 was among the best when 5 people were killed in a shopping center robbery and evidence was lost when the building was set on fire.

Season 3 episode 1 was one of the most outstanding when 2 hunters were found dead on a remote road in a car that was drenched in blood.

Season 4 episode 6 was an outstanding episode when Kenda looked into the death of a war hero.

Choices for Watching Again

If you have missed any episodes of Homicide Hunter you will be pleased to hear that you can stream them on Amazon Instant Video.

Have you been enthralled by the cases that Kendra has looked into over the seasons? Are you hoping that a new season is heading our way? Give us your thoughts on the series in the comments section and don’t forget that you can get reminders about upcoming seasons and episodes.

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