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The Sixth season of the Drama series Homeland was originally broadcast on January 15, 2017

S6 Started January 15, 2017

Poor Claire Danes, she feels the angst of her character (Carrie Mathison) so thoroughly that it is really beginning to show on the actress’ face, which is becoming exceedingly more haggard from season to season. It is this very commitment to the story that Danes excels in and which is definitely one of the factors that keeps Homeland sharp and interesting, and very, very tense. Are there any chances of the show slowing down, slipping ratings, viewers’ waning interest, any cancellation rumors? No, it looks like #Homeland is sure to return for a 6th season.

However, it must be noted that reviewers’ analysis of the show has been up and down, the show disappoints one episode and entertains the next, this has always been the trajectory of the show, but it constantly manages to redeem itself, notably before it loses viewers.

Danes’ portrayal of a bi-polar-savant CIA analyst has gained her a number of awards including a Golden Globe in 2013 for ‘Best Performance by an actress in a Television Series-Drama’, as well as a Golden Globe in the same category for the previous year. President Obama and Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr and even Secretary of #Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson have admitted to being fans of the show. No wonder, since @Homeland draws directly on the political strife occurring in the world at the time of the creation of the series.

Danes (36) was well known in the late nineties by adolescents for her role as Angela Chase on the highly popular My So Called Life (1994-1995). Many thirty-somethings who were teenagers at the time recognized themselves in her depiction of a self-conscious, vulnerable and impressionable teenager as she battled through the troubles of adolescents and identity formation. My So Called Life was a beacon of realism for plaid wearing, Smashing Pumpkins listening, sensitive teenagers of the grunge era who didn’t associate with the clean, perky Britney Spears depictions of teenagers so popular in media at the time. This fragility turned out to be Danes’ strength and landed her a role in Baz Lurhman’s Romeo and Juliet (1996), while her palpable anxiety earned her the lead in the TV biopic Temple Grandin (2010), as an autistic and sought after animal behaviorist.

This is Danes’ gift, to portray delicate, harrowed women, who’s psychological troubles allow them an edge that leads to their brilliance. Danes is able to deliver these performances with an intense vulnerability but also restraint, not making the disorder the focus of the character, but just one more obstacle that they face. Perhaps the actress draws on anxiety from her school days when she and Morena Baccarin (who plays Jessica Brody, wife to Nicholas Brody on @Homeland) were picked on by the same bully.

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Danes is so well known for her furrowed, worried, intense face that some have referred to weeping as a ‘Claire Danes Cry’, complete with crumpled chin. “It just so happens that feeling registers strongly and clearly on my face. It’s not anything I’ve honed.” The actress has stated about her emotional acting. “But I learned on the job. I’m a professional empath.” But, like many who struggle with a lifelong illness or mental disorder, it does begin to show on your face and this is unfortunately the reality

for Mathison, and perhaps even a professional hazard for the actress who portrays her.

On the subject of Mathison not being able to let herself experience intimacy with another due to her fear of hurting them, Danes admits to thinking of her character as being a lot like Edward Scissorhands.

Will you continue watching Homeland if it is renewed for a 6th Season or do you feel that it is time to begin wrapping up this series?

Season six is already available early exclusively to Showtime subscribers!

UPDATED November 4, 2016

Have you been keeping up with Homeland news? Because it is good! There is already a season 6 trailer out for the show, one that Showtime put a lot of effort in. The almost 2 minute clip is a perfect example of why the show is still hot. Don’t miss the premiere in January!

UPDATED November 2, 2016

Thanks to Super Channel Canada will get the rest of Homeland season 6 at pretty much the same time as US residents! Super Channel On Demand will air the episodes a day after the original broadcast, leaving less of a chance for Canadian viewers to run into spoilers.

UPDATED August 18, 2016

There is a new face joining the cast of Homeland for season 6. We can now confirm that Robert Knepper (Prison Break) will be appearing in the series in a recurring role. He will take on the role of General Jamie McClendon, a department of defense representative tasked with briefing president elect Elizabeth Keane and her team. Homeland is set to return on January 15, 2017.

UPDATED August 13, 2016

There is some fresh blood joining the cast of Homeland for season 6. Hill Harper (CSI: NY, Covert Affairs) and Patrick Sabongui (The Art of More, The Flash) have both signed on for major recurring roles in the drama series which is set to return in January 2017.

UPDATED August 11, 2016

Great news! We finally have an official premiere date for season 6 of Homeland. The series will return on January 15, 2017. The news comes hand in hand with the announcement that the series has already been renewed for three new seasons!

UPDATED July 27, 2016

Great news 'Homeland' fans - Elizabeth Marvel is joining the cast as President-Elect Elizabeth Keane when season 6 debuts. Production for the new season is ready to get underway this August in New York.

UPDATED June 1, 2016

Fantastic news for fans of 'Homeland'. Production is set to begin on season 6 this summer in New York, with a premiere slated for January of 2017.

UPDATED December 10, 2015

As Homeland enters its final stretch of season 5, Showtime have announced that the series will be returning for a sixth season. The terrorism themed drama has been bringing in steady ratings over the past few seasons following a shaky start, so it is no big surprise that Showtime have decide to renew the series.

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