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The Fifth season of the television series Homeland commenced airing on October 4, 2015

S5 Started October 4, 2015

Homeland, the hit Showtime drama, has captured the interest of viewers for four seasons now as the show follows Carrie Mathison, a CIA officer. Viewers remained mesmerized with this action packed television show as Carrie struggled to prove that a rescued Marine Sergeant had been brainwashed (season one), was later working with the very same Marine (season two), and was eventually relocated to Kabul, Afghanistan (season three.) The perfect blend of Carrie’s dramatic life and the life of a CIA agent have been ideal to ensure that there is a new twist with every episode.

Season four left fans with quite a few unanswered questions. The love interest that everyone knew was hidden somewhere was finally seen between Carrie and Quinn as they kissed, but then Quinn was headed off to Syria. Audiences smiled at the heartwarming thought of Carrie being reunited with her estranged mother. Then, they narrowed their eyes as it was revealed that Saul played a role in making a deal with Haqqani, causing Carrie to feel mad and puzzled. Hopefully, audiences will get answers with the fifth season.

The twelve episode long fifth season is set to premier October 4, 2015. Alex Gansas revealed quite a few interesting hints about season five to audiences. The plot line will take a spin as Carrie will not be playing a CIA officer, but instead will be employed at a security business. Season five will also begin two and half years after the end of season four, so Carrie will already be in the middle of her new life, which will be in Berlin, Germany.

A casting report was released, informing fans that there will be four new additions to the cast for the fifth season. Alexander Fehling will be filling the role of Jonas Happich. Happich is a lawyer who is dating Carrie. Carrie’s boss, a German Philanthropist (Otto During), will be played by Sebastian Koch. Miranda Otto will also be joining the cast, and playing a woman by the name of Allison Carr. Carr works as the Berlin Chief of Station, under Saul. Last, but certainly not least, is Sarah Sokolovic. Sarah will play the role of an American journalist whose name has yet to be released.

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The rumor circle has been buzzing with questions, comments and supposed spoilers regarding the fifth season as fans wait with anticipation to see what the next season will bring. The kiss between Carrie and Quinn was not a surprise to viewers, but the timing was. What will happen between the two? Will their love be rekindled if he makes it back from Syria? It is also rumored that Carrie’s half-brother will make an appearance in the upcoming season. Will he become a big person in her life? The question as to what will happen between Carrie and her mother has crossed the mind of every #Homeland fan. Will they develop a bond, or will the relationship between the two become estranged and broken? It was definitely noted when Dana was not present in the fourth season, but will Dana be making a return in an attempt to develop a relationship with her half-sister? Will Haqqani make a return in the fifth season? Fans watched as the villain managed to get away, almost guaranteeing that he would be back at some point, but when will this be?

Other rumors regarding the plot line include a reports that the show may steer away from Islamic terrorists in the fifth season. It is also rumored that eventually the show may return home to the United States.
While some fans are already eager to discover what will happen to Carrie and other main characters, such as Quinn, others are still rushing to get caught up before this fall’s premier of season five. If you’re in the latter group though, there’s

no need to worry. DVD’s of previous seasons are available for purchase online at Walmart, Amazon and the Showtime store. Individual episodes can also be viewed, and are available on Amazon Instant Video and Google Play.

With the release of the information that Carrie will already be dating someone new, what do you predict will happen between Carrie and Quinn in the fifth season? Will Carrie leave her new love when Quinn returns from Syria?

As Homeland enters its final stretch of season 5, Showtime have announced that the series will be returning for a sixth season. The terrorism themed drama has been bringing in steady ratings over the past few seasons following a shaky start, so it is no big surprise that Showtime have decide to renew the series.

UPDATED July 26, 2015

'Homeland' Set To Return In October

Breathe a sigh of relief because it seems that Showtime have finally decided to tell us the date of the premiere for season 5 of 'Homeland'. The date to put in your diary is October, 4th and it is going to be hitting the screens at 9pm.

We are so glad that they have revealed the date because the world is waiting to know more about what happened after everything that occurred in season 4. Well, according to the network, season 5 picks up two years after those events with Carrie living in Berlin and working for a private security firm.

At least now we have a date to look forward to because it was starting to get pretty annoying not being sure as to when we could get our next fix. The network has also decided to show us brand new artwork for the show as well to just excite us even more.

The only question we have now is, why could it not have been September it was being shown?

Trailer for Season 5

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