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The Sixth season of the television series Home Made Simple commenced airing on January 14, 2017

S6 Started January 14, 2017

Home Made Simple is a reality television series that made its debut on October 23, 2011 on the cable channel network OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network). With hosts Paige Davis (Trading Places), Amy Devers, and Kenneth Wingard, each week presents the viewer a team of experts, meeting a couple for the first time, and helping them find innovative ways to get them out of their decorating rut. Whether that rut is a complete redo on a room, taking on a project they never dreamed they would tackle, or even taking that treasured antique out of storage and giving it new life and purpose. No matter the relationship of the featured guests, whether mother/daughter, best friends, sisters or even significant others, our host’s and experts take them under their wing, leading them through a maze of ideas, brainstorms, and ultimately simple DIY projects. The anticipation mounts during each step, until the final culmination in the big reveal.

Added at the beginning of the last season, the shows fifth, was host and noted interior designer Jeremiah Brent. Coming of his recent position over at The Racheal Zoe Project, where he assisted the series headliner with decorating her newest home, he cultivated and polished his skills. The former reality star was thrilled to have landed this full-time position on the series, as well as being added to the OWN family. Continuing as the four seasons before it, the fifth season featured even more paired up family members, paired up with an interior designer, a carpenter, or even with a chef, as they work towards their combined and joined goal…a revamp or redo of something, or somewhere, in their home.

The fifth season, having twenty episodes, aired its season finale on May 2, 2016. The episode titled “It’s a Novel Idea” served more than superbly to fill out the series season. This episode featured a mom, who had an idea for what she wanted, but needed a plan. That is when–enters the #HMS design team and crew. A room in the house is chosen, plans are made, and construction begins. In the end, the mom now has her own room to contemplate and write in, all thanks to the team. And, as if that wasn’t enough, in the planning and designing of the room makeover, a window nook was worked into the specs. All for the enjoyment of the mom’s four-legged friend.

Renewal and cancellation is unknown as of this writing, and the series does show with a very meager 6.8 out of 10 on the IMDB site. The outpouring of opinions, and love, of the viewership will most probably be the deciding factor. In this day and age, people are turning to methods of reclaiming and reusing, versus throwing out and buying new. This show strikes a chord in those individuals, insuring they tune back in week after week. Many reviewers have stated that their home is their castle, and that they take great pride and effort in making it comfortable and enjoyable. But the real challenge is the trying to stay within a set budget and getting the job done. No easy task—for sure.  But, they cite that they can always get the job done, with the inspiration they find on HMS.

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If you missed any of this last season’s episodes, they are currently rerunning on the OWN network, Saturdays at 9am EST. You can still join in with the dream team, reliving their best design concepts and maybe get some inspiration of your own in


What inspiration have you found in past episodes? What types of projects would you like to see featured if the series is renewed? Maybe a reclamation project that would work wonders in your own home?

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Season six of Home Made Simple will premiere January 14th! Jeremiah Brent will return as host with a lot of celebrity guests. What new home secrets will the OWN backed show reveal next?

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