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Home Free Season 3? Fate still up in the air

Release Date of #HomeFree S3: To be announced

Home Free is an American reality competition series that premiered its first season on July 22, 2015 on the network channel FOX. The series is shot in Atlanta, Georgia and is executive produced by George Verschoor, Brad Bishop, and Jon Beyer for Relativity Television. The first season host was Mike Holmes, a construction and home renovation specialist. He states that the reason the series is shot in Atlanta is because the real estate market is booming there, and with such demand, it is very difficult for many families looking for a home to purchase one. That is where #HomeFree comes in.

The premise is simple—to give a family a home of their own. To achieve this goal, Holmes and the HF crew search the Atlanta area for eight run-down, dilapidated homes that through the course of the eight week season will be transformed and presented to eight deserving families. These homes will not only be repurposed, they will most significantly change these families lives. Aiding in this endeavor a group of nine couples are chosen to help in this massive undertaking. What is in it for these nine couples? Well, they will not only be renovating homes for their future owners, but they themselves will be competing to win a dream home of their own. Throughout the season these nine couples will work side by side with Holmes and the rest of the #HomeFree crew, which includes living on the jobsite 24/7. With the progression of the season, the contestants work will be checked by two onsite experts each episode, John Gidding (Curb Appeal) and Danish Hoston (Real Estate Broker and Investor), judging them on quality, creativity, and teamwork and a decision is made on which couple to eliminate that week. Now, as if this were not enough, it turns out that the whole time the contestants were to be the recipients of the very renovated and updated homes they were working on. THEY were the deserving families the whole time and each and every one of them is going to get their own home. The final remaining couple, of the original nine, will be the recipients of the grand prize—a brand new dream home of their own. This is one massive competition, where everyone is already a winner, but they just don’t know it yet.

On the IMDB site, #HF has a rating of 7.0 out of 10, with no ratings as of yet showing over on the Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic sites. With the season one premiere, the demographics showed a viewership of 2.93 million tuning in. The general feel of the viewers for this series is very favorable. The concept of a series the renovates and updates home, not to flip them for a profit, but to give to deserving needy families is one that is resonating well with the viewing audience. Each week, they get to see the families, unknowingly, put sweat equity into what will become their own homes. The viewers also find themselves rooting for their favorites to eventually win their dream home. The second season consisted of individuals, rather than couples, but was pretty much the same format. They worked for eight weeks, and then in the end had a new home. The twist on the new season was the addition of Tim Tebow as a co-host. Even with this addition, the demographics show that the viewership from the first season to the second season dropped a small percentage. Even so, the show still has a very loyal following and is sure to rebound with the season finale.

#HF is currently still airing its second season, so any information or speculation on renewal or cancellation cannot be found as of this writing. If one took into  consideration the rating on IMDB, along with viewer feedback  as well as the demographics, the series would appear to have a pretty good chance of a third season. A lot will ride on the upcoming season finale in determining this series fate. If you would like to catch the remainder of the second season, you can find it on Thursdays at 8p on FOX.

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I would love to be on homefree season 3 by any means necessary