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A Second season of Drama series Home Fires aired on April 3, 2016

S2 Started April 3, 2016

Home Fires is from creator Simon Block with production from ITV Studios and is a drama TV series set during the war in England, with the series airing in 2015.

What’s It All About?

#HomeFires follows the lives of inspirational women living in a rural community out in Cheshire. Their lives and those around them are shadowed by World War II. When the war starts the women find themselves separated from the ones they love, including brothers, sons, fathers and husbands. They find themselves having to get together and comfort each other as the pressures of war increase.

What’s Been Happening?

Season 1 episode 1 of HF aired on May 3 2015 and introduced viewers to the lives of the residents in Great Paxford village in Cheshire during 1939. The war is looming over the village and residents and the local women fear for their husbands, fathers and sons as the war draws closer. Throughout season 1 the Women’s Institute is set up and the season ended with there being fears of an invasion following an evacuation of Dunkirk and the Institute raising money to purchase an ambulance. The season ended with episode 6 which aired on June 14 2015.
But are we going to see a season 2 and when?

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What’s In Store?

If you followed the lives of the women and their families in #HomeFires you will be pleased to hear that season 2 is coming our way. The drama TV series attracted on average 6.2 million viewers which means that there will at least be one more season if not more to come.
At the moment there isn’t any news about the casting for season 2, however the executive producer said that it was thrilling that the ensemble cast would be returning to make another season, so it is fair to say that the whole cast may be in the new season. The 2nd season is already being filmed in Cheshire in England.
There isn’t a date for the airing of season 2 of #HF but as season 1 aired in May it is thought that it could be around May 2016 when it returns to our screens.
Season 2 could bring more than episodes but there hasn’t been any confirmation, only speculation. Season 2 may also have a lighter side to it, even though the series will still be set among the doom and gloom of war.
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What Are The Top 3 Outstanding Episodes?
  • Episode 1 of season 1 was one of the most watched episodes as viewers got introduced to the residents of Great Paxford and their fears as the war is fast approaching.
  • Episode 4 of season 1 was rated as Spencer lied about being a soldier and instead he is a conscientious objector. Viewers also saw David going against the wishes of his mother and joining up.
  • Episode 6 of season 1 saw the evacuation of Dunkirk and fears over an invasion grew, while Frances wanted the Women’s Institute to raise money to purchase an ambulance.
Trivia and Facts
  • Did you know that there is a bit of a goof at the beginning of episode 3? It shows Lancaster bomber aircraft flying in the skies but they didn’t come
    into service until 1942 and the show is set in 1939.
Choices for Watching Again

If you would like to watch HF again you can stream episodes on iTunes and Amazon. You can also buy the DVD to watch over again and again.
Have you enjoyed watching #HF? Have you watched the entire season and are you looking forward to watching season 2 when it airs? Let us know your thoughts about the series in the comments?

After almost a year since the UK premiere of Home Fires, the show will gain new life on Masterpiece! Tune in on April 2nd and get treated to one of the underdogs in modern television shows.

UPDATED April 3, 2016

Unfortunately, fans in the US will have to wait a little bit longer to see season 2 of Home Fires. The highly anticipated second season does air tonight (April 3) in the UK on ITV, but there is no confirmed air date for US viewers as of yet. We apologise if we got anyone's hopes up - trust us we are eager to see season two as well! However, we can confirm that PBS does hold the license to air the series in the US and as soon as we have a confirmed date from PBS we will share it with everyone via this page.

UPDATED March 30, 2016

UPDATED March 3, 2016

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