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Highway Thru Hell Sixth season is slated to premiere in 2017

Release Date of #HTH S6: 2017

Highway Thru Hell is not just your average winter weather reality show. The show illuminates the difficulties of operating along the highways of the BC Interior, with its treacherous Coquihalla Highway (aka The Coq) where semi-truck wrecks are seemingly inevitable. Never fear, truckers of the great white north! The team of operators at Jamie Davis Motor Trucking has some of the best experts at heavy vehicle rescue and recovery. Great Pacific TV produces this daring reality series based in British Colombia in association with Discovery Channel Canada, and Mark Miller serving as Executive Producer.

Steep inclines, deadly drop-offs, murderous rock slides, and the worst weather conditions enthral viewers. HTH was the Discovery Channel Canada’s number one series debut in its history. The one-hour episodes feature Jamie’s legendary heavy rescue team and his competitors, Mission Towing and Quiring Towing, all working to keep the roads open in perilous weather.

For Season 5, fans will see the return of Scott Bird, the expert operator who used to work for Jamie three winters ago. Scott is one of the best out there, but he demands perfection. Things didn’t end so good between Scott and his former boss, but now Jamie needs Scott’s help to reorganize his operations. This season, not only will the daring rescues prove to be challenging but due to an unexpected economic decline, Jamie will also have to go through the tough trial of reducing his business in Alberta.

The other two families towing business featured on the show will join Jamie and his crew in some of the most daring and dangerous rescues to date. Where most folks would cower at the steep cliffs, ice-covered bridges, and mountainous terrain of The Coq, these men and women attempt the seemingly impossible to save the lives of those on their way down to the deadly rocks below. Nothing is too tough for these brave rescue teams.

Fans absolutely love this series, posting mostly positive comments about the crews on ‘Highway’ being hard working, honest, and highly likable people who do an amazing job without all the complaining and bickering seen on similar shows. IMDb voters rave about it, rating the show an extremely high 8.3/10 with almost 500 votes.

Before season 5 got underway, Discovery aired a #HighwayThruHell special on September 6, 2016, to recap the past four seasons and sneak preview a little of the new season. Consistently winning its time-slot, this daring show has helped make Discovery the top specialty cable network in Canada.

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Viewership growth and achievements of ‘Highway’ has led to a new spin-off coming in winter 2017 called Heavy Rescue: 401. This new show is produced by the same team as ‘Highway’ and focuses on heavy rescue teams who jump into action along the 400 series of highways in Ontario. The network will be sneak-previewing ‘401’ during this season of ‘Highway’ and there is no doubt fans will tune-in for both shows in the future.

Although it’s too early for an official announcement about a season 6, the popularity of this show with fans and network sponsors alike will not decline anytime soon. The show has been on the National Weekly Top 30 list more often than not, so there’s no reason to believe this current season won’t end up there as well.

#HTH airs Tuesdays at 7pm on

Discovery Channel.

Are you fascinated with the heavy-duty equipment Jamie and his team operates to save the lives of truckers in despair? Do you think Scott will play nice with Jamie this season?

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#HtH close out S5 among the Top 5 most-watched programs so 13-episode renewal announcement came as no surprise. New season is already in production as the men continue the fight to keep trucking routes moving.

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Debbie Cherry
Debbie Cherry
1 year 1 month ago

Still waiting for the 2017 season to start. Any news?

Kathi Brill
Kathi Brill
1 year 1 month ago

nothing like hiding the favorites show.. Highway through hell season 6 should be promoted and yet I am just now finding it..

1 year 15 days ago

Love the show!
When the heck are the truck drivers going to learn to slow down on snow and ice?? Other truckers get mad because they have to wait to open highways, yet they are the ones causing the accidents! I have never figured out why they have to drive so fast in rain sleet snow and ice! Not only do they risk their own lives but other drivers too!! It’s very sad! Than Jamie and his crew come to the rescue but no one wants to pay the bill for the accidents they have caused!