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High School DxD has been picked up for a Fourth season to premiere in 2018

Release Date of #HSD S4: 2018

High School DxD is an adult themed comedy, action animation TV series that has aired from 2012 with production from Genco and AT-X. Anyone who likes manga/anime like cartoons may have been enjoying this series. The series is taken from a series of light novels from Ichiel Ishibumi with illustrations from Miyama-Zero.

What’s It All About?

#HighSchoolDxD focuses on the story of a high school student who is somewhat dim-witted and who gets killed on his first ever date by a girl. He then comes back as the devil and he then becomes an understudy for a devil who is at high level and who happens to be the prettiest girl on the campus.

What’s Been Happening?

The series began on January 6 2012 with season 1 episode 1 and it saw the boy’s girlfriend stabbing him after she becomes a monster. However he is saved by the president of his high schools Occult Research Club and he then becomes a devil. Throughout the season he then learns more about the game he is supposed to be playing a part in. Season 1 came to an end on May 31 2013 and popularity earned it another 3 seasons to date.
The latest season to air at the time of writing is season 3, which aired on April 4 2015 and ran for 12 episodes until June 20 2015.
So what can we expect in the future for #HighSchoolDxD, is there going to be a season 4?

What’s In Store?

We have heard that there is going to be a #HSD season 4 heading our way and we can expect to see it released in December 2015.
Fans have been speculating about what might happen in season 4 of #HSD and it was said that perhaps Issei and Rias may get together romantically. This revelation came about due to the fact that the series is said to follow the novels and the pair do get together in them.
It has also been said that Issei will be put through many tests when he asks Rias to marry him. The first tests are said to be dancing, the family history of the Gremory family and table manners. The fourth test will be the most difficult and he has to fight Sirzechs.

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What Are The Top 3 Outstanding Episodes?

Season 1 episode 1 has been a popular episode when we were introduced to Issei and find that he isn’t very popular with the girls. One day he asks a girl out and she then stabs him. However he wakes up and thinks that it is a dream at first and then he finds out that he has been turned into a devil.
Episode 3 was a good episode as Issei made a friend of Asia Argento and doesn’t tell her that he is a devil. Rias also told Issei about the system and each member having a role to play that is similar to that of chess pieces.
Episode 7 was among the outstanding as Rias said that Issei along with Asia should have servant familiars and Issei found out that there is another devils faction and they have to compete to see who gets to enter the world of the familiars first.

Choices for Watching Again

If you have liked watching the TV series you will be pleased to hear that you can stream the series on the internet. You will also be pleased to hear that you can get

seasons 1 to 2 on DVD and season 3 of the series is also going to be made available on DVD from the start of 2016 and it is planned for Blu-ray on January of 2016.
Have you enjoyed watching HSD? Are you happy to hear that there is going to be a season 4 coming our way in the fall? Let us know what you think about the TV series in the comments section.

Volume 23 scheduled for release on March 18th! As for S4, we expect it to arrive sometime in 2018.

UPDATED October 22, 2016

Breaking news from 2016 Fantasia Bunko Thanksgiving event! We have official confirmation, that, as rumored, new season is in the works!

A new series of High School D x D have been announced. We are here to support all of our fans and thank you for your interest. The best is yet to come. We hope for your continued support. Thank you. #haremking

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