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Disney Junior is yet to decide on the future of the Henry Hugglemonster for Season 3

Release Date of #HenryHugglemonster S3: To be announced

Henry Hugglemonster is a British and Irish childrens television show airing on Disney Junior. The series airs in the UK, Ireland, and the US. The series features the daily life of a hugglemonster named Henry. The show is based on the book I‘m a Happy Hugglewug by Niamh Sharkey. The series first aired in February 2013 in the UK and Ireland and in April in the US. So far the series has seen two seasons.

What It’s About

The series follows the life of #HH and his loving family. The family lives in the town of Roarsville where all the civilians are friendly monsters.. His friends are a dugglemonster named Denzel and monsterette, Gertie. Henry has to use his problem solving skills to solve the conflicts that come up in his life. Each episode also features at least one original song. The show is said to help children with skills like counting and learning sequences.

Where We Left Off

In the latest episode from season 2, which aired on October 19, Henry’s Roarball team loses their first match and he expects everyone to go on after the loss.

What’s Next

In the last couple of episodes from of season 2, Denzel and Summer help Henry in a magic show. When they all get tied together by accident they must work together to untangle themselves. Henry and his classmates are introduced to Rhett, a new monster who has three eyes. Everyone is afraid of Rhett because of his looks.

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There has been no announcement yet about a renewal for the series at this time. This isn’t too surprising given that the season isn’t over just yet. The series is quite popular with children around the world as the series is broadcast in over 150 countries across the world. A renewal seems very likely at this point in time. The announcement about a renewal for the series is likely to come in the months after the season finishes up. We can probably expect another season around spring time at the earliest, likely around April or May.

There’s no word yet on what a third season might hold for for Henry and his friends and family. Since, like many children’s show, the series works on an episodic basis there is no continuing story to follow. This makes it difficult to guess what might happen in future episodes of the series since they are not really joined together by any major storylines. We will have to wait on an announcement about the new season and details about what Henry and the rest of the monsters in Roarsville will be up to before we know what will be coming. Those announcements could come at any time since the second season is finishing up at the end of October. Until then we can enjoy the end of the second season and reruns of the series until we find out more about the future of the series. Make sure to check back with us to stay up to date on all the latest news to do #HenryHugglemonster.

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Joshy Hugglemonster
Joshy Hugglemonster
1 year 5 months ago

Henry needs to come back. Quick.

Happy mommy hugglemonster
Happy mommy hugglemonster
1 month 3 days ago

My daughter really likes henery hugglemonster. Its actually one of the cartoons they have now a days that i can actually enjoy with her unlike alot of the cartoons these days