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The fate of Heartland Season 11 remains up in the air

Release Date of #Heartland S11: To be announced

Hailing from Alberta, Canada, Heartland is a cinematically gorgeous equine family drama that spans multiple generations surrounding the Fleming sisters.

Amy Fleming (Amber Marshall) is a natural intuitive healer of horses, who acquired this otherworldly skill from her mother before she was tragically killed in an auto accident when Amy was only 15 years old. When her sister Lou (Michelle Morgan) returns to Hudson from New York City, she has big plans to get the ranch back in the black, saving it from financial crisis.

The characters are delightful, the horses are beautiful, the scenery is stunning, and the adventures in and around the fictional town of Hudson are sure to grab your attention from the very first episode. Not many people who have started watching this show have been able to walk away from it – warning: binge-watch worthy drama series!

Originally set in Virginia, USA in the books by Lauren Brooke, this western drama has become one of Canada’s most beloved shows. In 2015, #Heartland became the longest-running scripted show in Canadian television history. The show has won 15 awards and has been nominated for even more.

Season 10 is delighting viewers already, and there is even an exciting new cast member being introduced in the third episode. Clay McMurtry is a new kid in town, and his character is played by guest star Eric Gustafsson.

Everybody loves @Heartland!

Fans of this show had been long awaiting the return of #Heartland for its tenth season. Viewers commenting on the show’s official CBC blog are raving about all of the outstanding characters and actors on this long-running series.

Many international fans want to see it aired in their country, and fans in Canada who don’t have TV are excited to see that they can watch episodes online at

IMDb voters rate the show an 8.3 out of 10 with over 4,500 votes cast. That is extremely high for a family-style drama.

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Steady growing viewership and strong following 

When @Heartland debuted in 2007, it had only 513,000 viewers. That number has steadily and substantially grown season over season, with over a million viewers tuning in for the season 3 premiere. Episode 100 had 945,000 viewers watching. While the series has yet to make it to the Top 30 list reported by Numeris, the feedback from viewers is overwhelmingly positive.

Although there was one unconfirmed comment on IMDb that season 10 would be the last, with the show’s growing viewership, strong social media following, active commenting on the show’s official blog, and increasing international curiosity, it would be surprising if CBC didn’t officially announce an eleventh season renewal soon.

Where can you watch Heartland? 

Heartland airs Sunday nights at 7pm on CBC. Viewers can watch full episodes on the day after it airs. In the US, viewers can catch-up on past seasons on Netflix.

Have you been watching Heartland since the series debut or

have you recently binge-watched all 9 seasons to catch up? Which of the equine miracles was most impressive? Are you excited for Amy and Ty to become parents?

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Barbara Q.
Barbara Q.
1 month 8 days ago

Hands down, Heartland is the best show on television!!! Each season seems to maintain the excellent quality of character development, story lines, beautiful horses and scenery. The actors do a superb job of portraying characters that are like people you would enjoy knowing in real life. They are warm, compelling, and the series just brings you right into the family. Can’t wait for Season 11!!!

Dave and mary kuhr
Dave and mary kuhr
12 days 2 hours ago

Best equine family show we’ve seen in years.