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The Tenth season of the Drama series Heartland was originally broadcast on October 2, 2016. Don't miss the season finale on March 26, 2017

S10 Started October 2, 2016
Returns: January 15, 2017
Finale: March 26, 2017

Canadian channel CBC has yet to announce if currently airing series Heartland will be renewed for a 10th season. While the long running series has proved to be popular with viewers, a few concerns seem to be popping up, even with the most ardent of fans.

Horse lovers are drawn to the series, picking up equestrian tips and horse behavior. Parents have also lauded #Heartland as being one of the few series’ currently airing on TV that is actually appropriate and enjoyable for the whole family. @Heartland is praised for its lack of sex, violence and bad language that litters a great majority of shows on television.

Unfortunately for American viewers, only the first six seasons were available to them and the series would do well to be made available on Netflix or Hulu. Many American bloggers have made this complaint on a variety of online formats.

Despite beautiful natural backdrops upon which the series is filmed, gorgeous horses, especially the wild horses, and the riding scenes, which keep fans coming back for more, viewers do have some complaints concerning the inconsistency of the scripts. There are times when the characters say or do things that simply go against their personalities.

Many had a problem with how the character of Prince Ahmed (Jade Hassoun√©) was handled. Bloggers abounded at how the Middle Eastern Prince was misrepresented and shamed, his character was written as a simple and 2-dimensional chauvinist, forgoing any intricacies to his culture and beliefs. The treatment of Prince Ahmed’s character was sweeping and prejudiced.

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Other criticisms include the ‘work’ that Amy (Amber Marshall) does, is she gainfully employed at all? She always has time to attend tournaments and take on unexpected problems with horses, with whom she seems able to dedicate all of her time. It is written into her character that she is poor, too poor to buy her own truck or car, and yet she was employed by Prince Ahmed, who took her to Europe to look after her horses. Assuming that a prince would pay her well. This is just one of the inconsistencies in the series.

Another inconsistency is Amy’s strange relationship when it comes to love. When it comes to horses, she is written as a professional with a lot of talent, but when it comes to Ty (Graham Wardle), she has a tendency to lose all self-respect. Ty has treated her badly in the past, having insulted her, cheated on her, and generally let her down a number of times and she just lets him walk all over her. It is a pity that Amy, who is a character that many girls and young woman look up to, could be represented as a more mature, independent and strong character, rather than someone who loses her head over love.

Unfortunately, Lou, the educated female character who left a good job in New York to work at #Heartland, could also have been utilized better than she has. She could have been written as anther savvy, intelligent woman but instead she has seemed to have lost her power since moving to @Heartland, developing control issues and obsessions that haven’t been dealt with. She hasn’t seemed to have contributed much to the economy

of Heartland, which seems as dire as when she first arrived. Does her diner and cabin project make any profit?

Do you think that Amy should become a stronger role model if the show is renewed for a tenth season? Are you one of the many American fans who are frustrated that they have not been able to watch Heartland past Season 6? Please add your comments below so that we can get a discussion going. 

Things are looking up for US fans of Heartland. UPtv has confirmed that Season 10 will release April 23, 2017!

UPDATED December 12, 2016

Season ten of Heartland will finally air on January 15th! The long running drama proves that family matters, and with good writing and real characters the viewers will always come back for more.

UPDATED October 4, 2016

When Heartland returns for the 10th season on CBC, streaming services like Hulu and Netflix will still be lagging behind. There are no concrete plans to bring seasons 8, 9 or the current to these platforms. UpTV is currently airing season 9 and no info is available about plans for season 10. Keep hoping and keep wishing!

UPDATED August 21, 2016

Fantastic news for fans of Heartland! According to the official Twitter feed for the series, Season 10 of Canada's longest running one hour drama is set to premiere on CBC on October 2 - less than 6 weeks away! Be sure to set a reminder!

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