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Hatufim Season 3? The network has not made a decision yet

Release Date of #Hatufim S3: To be announced

Hatufim, or Prisoners of War, is an Israeli series airing on Channel 2. The series first aired in March 2010 and has seen two seasons so far. The series tells the story of three Israeli soldiers who were captured in Lebanon 17 years before the series starts. The series has been aired in several other countries including the UK and US. A third season of the series is planned, but no details have been released.

What It’s About?

The first season began with the three soldiers, Nimrod Klein, Uri Zach, and the remains of Amiel Ben-Horin and their return home after years have been spent getting their freedom. The series shows Nimrod and Uri’s return to a society where they have been made icons. Their return interrupts the lives of those they left behind and is fraught with troubles as they deal with the trauma of what they experiences as captives. They must cope with partners who either waited for them or moved on, the children that grew up without them, and parents who have died. They are also required to complete psychiatric evaluations and debriefings. When it is found that their stories don’t match a full investigation is launched to find out what the two are hiding.

The second season starts with a flash back to events at a Metula school in 1990 and again to the time right after the release of Nimrod and Uri. From hear the series picks up where the first season left off. Nimrod and Uri aren’t sure what to do with the discovery that Amiel might still be alive. They take this information to Iris and Haim who start an investigation of their own. This has consequences none of them foresaw. Meanwhile, the series continues to follow Nimrod and Uri’s personal lives as well as introduces Amiel as a living character and shows his life as Yusuf, a Syrian Muslim.

Where We Left Off?

In the finale for season two, Amiel returns home and wants his wife Sammy to join him. But once he is home, Amiel faces the most daunting conflict he has ever faced.

What’s Next?

A third season of the series is planned but there has been no information released about the new season. We will have to wait for further information on the season before we have any ideas about when we might see the season and what might be happening in it.

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Since there has been no information released about the new season, we don’t know for sure what will be happening. It is likely that the season will start out with another flashback to a relevant event and then will come back to the present story. We will probably see Amiel, or Yusuf as he has renamed himself, after returning to Israel and the difficulties he will face trying to rejoin society there. This is all speculation as no details about the season have been released.

We also don’t know when the third season might air. There was a two year gap between the first and second seasons so the third season could air at any time. The lack of information on the new season makes it likely that we will have to wait some more before seeing the series return. Check back with us to stay up to date on the latest news.

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Maria Donham
Maria Donham
10 months 21 days ago

Please bring back the POW.
I was so disappointed that you cancelled Tyrant.
You have a huge following. Don’t create series to get addicted to then cancel them.
Really helps me to understand the Muslim culture good or bad.
Please bring back Tyrant and Prisoners of War !!!!