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Comedy Central has yet to announce the fate of Hart of the City Season 2

Release Date of #HartCity S2: To be announced

Comedian Kevin Hart has launched his new series Hart of the City on Comedy Central. The show is produced by Hart’s own Hartbeat Productions and 3 Arts Entertainment with Hart, Dave Becky, Leland “Pookey” Wigington, Michele Armour, Jonas Larsen and JoAnn Grigioni.

#HC combines a travel and comedy component to the show, with Hart traveling to various cities across the U.S., and seeking out some of the newest voices in each city’s comedy scene. Each episode features stand-up sets from a different group of local comedian, interspersed with segments of Hart and the comedians discussing the varying comedic climates of their cities. The eight cities that will be appearing in this season are Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, Sacramento, Miami, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and Birmingham. The combination of a travelogue and stand-up show is a unique one, and with the famous Hart as the face of the show, this should look like a winning combination.

#HartCity has only recently begun its run, so there isn’t much in the way of critical reception for the show to gauge. By all accounts, though, social media reception shows that fans of Kevin Hart will enjoy this latest opportunity for him to showcase his comedy, and the local comedians he backs, but it likely won’t do much to draw in people who were not previously fans. Considering the sheer breadth of Hart’s appearances both in stand-up and in films in recent years, chances are more people have had the chance to form an opinion of him one way or the other. With this in mind, it looks like HC is very much for the Kevin Hart fans out there.

However, perhaps there may not be as many fans interested in tuning into the show as originally expected, based off of initial ratings data. #HC premiered with 656,000 viewers, earning a 0.31 rating in the 18-49 demo. These numbers are good for Comedy Central, but on the second week, these numbers dropped significantly to 373,000 and a 0.17 rating. Perhaps “more of the same” isn’t good enough for the Comedy Central audience? Or perhaps viewers feel baited and switched, with Hart serving more as a host than a featured comedian.

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With such a drop, chances for a second season for #HartCity aren’t looking great, which may be a shock considering Hart’s high profile. Another fact that may harm the show’s chances is it’s star’s busy schedule. Hart’s prolific career is well known at this point, and it’s almost a given that he

has many potential projects in the future to pursue. If HC doesn’t perform well, he may simply stop the show to work on something else.

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