‘Hart of the City’ Is Coming Back


Hart of the City is coming back for the second season! The docuseries is one of many projects on Kevin Hart’s schedule, with this one in particular being a Comedy Central show. That means he will once again be on the road for eight episodes, with the second season set to debut sometime in 2017.

The show is about Hart traveling the world for rookie standup comedians that are still grinding and working hard to make a name for themselves. He finds the freshest names in the industry and digs deep into their personality. Besides the intimate moments that show Hart talking about the industry with other comedians, there are also several stand up sets from local comedians that you may have never heard of before. This is a lot different than Last Comic Standing, which in recent years has become more commercialized. Viewers that want the standup comedy scene in all of its rawness need to look no further than this show.

The first season saw Hart traveling to Houston, Chicago, Atlanta, Sacramento, Miami, Philadelphia, Birmingham and Washington D.C. to find comedians. He found a lot of great acts and gave them a bit of social media boost after viewers found out how funny they were. Hart has made it a point to stay away from the areas that are too well known like New York and Los Angeles. The show is executive produced by both Hart and Dave Becky.

Hart is one of the busiest comedians on the circuit, and has shown no signs of slowing down. This will be one of many new contracts he is nurturing with the network. So what new project is next for Hart?

What did you think of the first season? Which comedians stood out the most as ones that could make it in the industry?

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