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Hardcore Pawn Season 10? Fate still up in the air

Release Date of #HardcorePawn S10: To be announced

Hardcore Pawn is shown on the TruTV channel in the US and comes from the creator Richard Dominick, with production from RDF USA and Richard Dominick Productions. It falls under the category of reality TV and it has been showing since 2009 and has been running to date.

What’s It All About?

#HardcorePawn focuses on the lives of a family who run a pawnbroker business. The business was started by Les Gold and now he works alongside his two children, Ashley and Seth and together they run what has become the biggest pawnshop in the Detroit region.

What’s Been Happening?

Season 1 episode 1 of HP arrived on our TV screens on December 21 2009 and the season ran for a total of 10 episodes. Throughout season 1 viewers saw a customer who was angry putting the whole store on alert. The Golds having a disagreement over whether their security team should carry guns and the negotiation skills of Ashley came under fire when she failed to close on a deal. The family has seen people wanting to sell them anything from an alligator to a bulletproof vest and a relic that was said to be possessed and everything in-between.

The latest season to air at the time of writing was season 9 which started airing on December 29 2014 and ran for 13 episodes. Throughout the season we have seen the Golds having to deal in artwork that may be worth millions, shooting an ad in the store, Seth purchasing a piece of the Detroit Tigers history, employees fighting in the store and a big event happening.

So are we going to see a season 10 and if so when is the season going to air?

What’s In Store?

There hasn’t been any confirmation about season 10 coming our way but the reality TV show is very popular and it has commanded high ratings with the series being one of the longest running reality series on TruTV. Therefore we cannot see any reason why a season 10 would not come out.

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What Are The Top 3 Outstanding Episodes?

There have been many great episodes of #HardcorePawn but some of them stand out more than others.

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Season 7 episode 21 was among the outstanding when Seth bought a baseball that was said to have been used by Babe Ruth.

Season 8 episode 26 was another outstanding episode when an odd couple tried to sell one of the strangest things ever at the store.

Season 8 episode 27 was a great episode when the Gold family made an investment in gold and the biggest purchase in the history of the store but then they got a phone call that shocked.

Trivia and Facts

Did you know that the filming takes place in the shop during typical business hours?

Did you know that that there is a spin-off called HP: Chicago?

Did you know that generally the Gold family wears the same clothing every day?

Did you know that Steve Wilkos has made ads for American Jewelry & Loan?

Choices for Watching Again

Have you missed some episodes that you would like to watch

again? If so you are going to be happy to hear that you can stream episode by episode on Amazon Prime.

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1 year 6 months ago

Who cares about Ashley being on the show, she’s not the star Les is and his son…..bring this show back

Cathy Chercourt
Cathy Chercourt
10 months 22 days ago

I Love this Show, funny, entertaining, and very addicting!! I have missed this show, so much! I think it,s fun, because All of us, in this world, need Shows, that are Lighthearted, and just, makes you Laugh! Love it ***** Can,t Wait, for the New!

Gayle Smith
Gayle Smith
8 months 20 days ago

Bring the show back. Really like it watched all the time. Miss it a lot.