‘Hap and Leonard’ Still Going Strong


It’s hard to describe the craziness in Hap and Leonard with one word. Of the many unlikely duos in television and movies, they have some of the top chemistry. It was this chemistry that led to the show getting a renewal for season 2, with 6 episodes that’s sure to drive the case for a season 3. The new season will premiere in 2017 but can’t come soon enough, as John Wirth will be introduced as showrunner for the new season. Like all great television series, this show was adapted from the book series of the same name.

Author Joe R. Lansdale had a vision with the series, and the Mucho Mojo portion of the book series will be where they will draw most of the story from in season 2. The unique and often off the wall characters of the show will all return, including main characters James Purefoy and Michael Kenneth Williams. With those two on board there is no telling what season 2 will bring, as the show is not shy with throwing in a shock here and there.

Hap and Leonard is set in the 1980’s following two best friends in the swamp. What starts out as simple adventure seeking treasure turns into something more sinister, leading the two into one massacre after another. What separates this type of show from others like it is the dark comedy, which is used at the perfect moments in throughout the show. It also helps with the constant trips of nostalgia that are present in the show for anyone familiar with the 80’s. The show debuted March 2nd of this year, and is expected to go many more seasons in the current format.

Do you think that Hap and Leonard is the most underrated show on television? How many seasons will the show run and still be great?

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