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The Second season of the Crime series Hap and Leonard was originally broadcast on March 15, 2017

S2 Started March 15, 2017

For fans of the Hap and Leonard novel series, and drama lovers alike, Sundance TV’s adaption of the books will be a sure hit. It offers poignant characters, HL, each going through their own personal struggles while working for a private investigator. The show’s first episodes have been well received, and fans are excited to see how the remaining episodes of the season unfold. Set in the 1980’s, the show’s quirkiness fits in well with the general feel of Sundance TV, which has a unique feel to it to which its viewers are drawn. It is interlaced with crime, mystery, plenty of drama and dark comedy, giving it all the pieces it needs to be a successful series.

Who are the two main characters?

#HL are two men, who on paper shouldn’t even get along, let alone be the best of friends. Yet, in all of their opposites they have found each other and it makes for an entertaining watch. Hap Collins, played by James Purefoy, refused the draft into the Vietnam War in his younger days, and instead of doing his time with the military, he had to do it in federal prison. After his release, he became a working class laborer. Leonard Pine, played by Michael Williams, on the other hand served his time in Vietnam, and is easy to anger. He has many struggles due to his race and sexuality by being not only black, but gay as well. The two now work together for private investigator Marvin Hanson, and get tied up in a get rich quick scheme with Hap’s ex-wife. Hap tries to keep his peace with the world around him, and often serves as a voice of reason for Leonard.

What are people saying about the show?

While many are withholding judgment until the series is further developed, so far it has hit the ground running. The character development has been top notch, and the side stories help to keep things interesting. It is a multifaceted piece of work, which gives it a charm that many other shows don’t quite nail. It is a strange show, but the combination of that with its humor, and tense and emotional moments make it work. The relationship between #HapLeonard is also a huge draw for the show, and makes it easy for people to gain interest in it. It is still a little shaky in consistency and editing, but hopefully these kinks are worked out as the series progresses.

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Who is the author of the book series?

Novelist Joe R. Lansdale was the original creator of #HapLeonard. He originally created the characters in a book he wrote in 1990 called Savage Season, which had an underwhelming response at the time. Like many hidden gems though, it gained popularity over a decade later and the novel series was born, alongside a short story collection starring the duo. Lansdale says that Hap’s character is loosely based off of himself, and that much of the character’s experiences are experiences he has had also.

What is the current status of the show? 


is no word yet on whether the show has been renewed for a second season, but in most likelihood it is likely to continue. It has received positive reviews so far, and they have plenty of storyline to work with the books. It would come as no surprise for the series to gain a larger audience as more people hear about it, because Sundance TV isn’t a widely known network as some of the big names.

UPDATED November 10, 2016

Hap and Leonard are coming back to Sundance TV with a splash on March 15th 2017. The second season is way overdue, as fans need their fix of the epic crime series! What will they do for season 2?

UPDATED June 27, 2016

Awesome news! It looks like 'Hap and Leonard' has officially gotten a season 2 order from Sundance TV. The show's star James Purefoy made the announcement on his twitter account. The first season had just six episodes, but there has been no official confirmation on how many episodes we can expect from season 2 or when we can expect it to hit our screens.

UPDATED May 25, 2016

Great News - It looks like we could see 'Hap and Leonard' returning to our screens for a second season. There has been no official renewal of the show just yet, but we have learned that SundanceTV are very close to doing so. The network is currently on the lookout for a new showrunner to take charge of the show and if they can find one then a season 2 renewal will very much be on the cards!

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