‘Halt and Catch Fire’ Renewed and Ending?


AMC renewed the critically acclaimed Halt and Catch Fire for a fourth season. There is just one problem: it’s a final fourth season. There are many reasons why this is happening, and surprisingly most of them are good. Fans shouldn’t lament the end of a series that got a lot of love from the network considering that on other networks it would have been given the boot.

Critically acclaimed but low rated, the drama is about a bunch of big dreamers in the 1980’s that were around just when the computer boom started. It is a lot different than HBO’s Silicon Valley, and in many cases is better planned. It seems that Silicon Valley is already running out of workable storyline, while Halt and Catch Fire is coming to a satisfying end. With the current plotlines and characters, four seasons seem perfect. It isn’t too much, and it isn’t too little- it’s just right!

There will be a full ten episodes in the final season, with fans able to get a good outlook of how the show will head into the new season by watching the third season finale on October 11th. It will be a two hour treat that will set AMC ablaze, ironically becoming a major media darling when it failed to get the same attention while on air. When compared to juggernauts like The Walking Dead, it’s surprising the show stayed on the air. Yet, that is exactly what makes it so special.

More good news coming from AMC is that they won’t put their own spin on the ending, letting the writers have their way. Halt and Catch Fire has the chance to be one of the most underappreciated shows on the network when it finishes the full run next year.

Was this the most underappreciated show on AMC? Why didn’t it get good ratings?

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