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Guy’s Big Bite Season 20? The network has not made a decision yet

Release Date of #GBB S20: To be announced

Guy’s Big Bite is the main show of prolific Food Network presenter and restaurant owner Guy Fieri. With smiling bonhomie, Guy invites illustrious chefs from different places to come and share skills and humor over the course of cooking a meal. Guy is known for his easy manner and friendly personality, and he brings this in full strength to the show alongside his passion for food. In recent years, the sense of bonhomie has been heightened as Guy brings guests to his backyard kitchen to cook with him rather than the standard sterilized white kitchen.

Guy’s flagship show has run for around 10 years now, amounting to 19 seasons in Food Network numbers. Its inaugural season came on the heels of Guy’s victory over his reality television peers on a competition show called The Next Food Network Star, where winners of the challenge are given a season on the channel. The investment paid off with Guy, as he has turned out to be the most beloved presenter for the channel and no other show can compete with his primetime ratings.

This program rates slightly low among users with a 6.8 out of 10. In the genre of informational television, people don’t tend to tune in at all unless they are interested in the subject matter. Furthermore, the presentation style is so uncontroversial that people have nothing for which to give low ratings. Usually these shows score well over 7.0. There have been some complaints online that his “backyard” gimmick is disliked because it appears overly casual.

It is said that the Food Network currently has no better host than Guy Fieri. His primetime shows are unchallenged in terms of audience viewers. Big Bite is no primetime program and has a weekend morning time slot, but it is still fairly popular. It looks like we’ll be getting a lot more of Fieri’s programs for a time to come be it in this series or in others.

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Have you been following Guy Fieri’s career since he won the Food Network challenge and got his own series? Do you think

he is too loud and outspoken or do you like his personality style? What do you think of the changes he has made to his show over the years, such as staging it in his backyard? Do you think this was done due to laziness or does it add some charm to his program? Do you think Guy’s recipes are too high in fat to be healthy? Give us your comments and opinions down below.

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