Guess Who’s Joining ‘The Good Fight’?


Carrie Preston is going to reprise her character Elsbeth Tascioni, a fan favorite. This marks yet another character from The Good Wife coming over to the spinoff, which fuels gossip about star Julianna Margulies being a pain to deal with.

Tascioni can be described as the Phoebe of the show, with her offbeat behavior and courtroom antics reminiscent of the lawyers on Ally McBeal. She was so quirky in the beginning that people even began to question her competence as a lawyer, yet over time she proved to be one of the most value members of the firm. She is also a trusted friend and partner, one that you could always count on when the chips are down. Her addition to the cast isn’t a one off, and she will be joining The Good Fight for multiple episodes.

Co-creators Robert and Michelle King were adamant about her returning, especially since her schedule was tight during the final season of The Good Wife. Preston was busy shooting NBC’s Crowded and couldn’t commit as much as she wanted which left a lot of potential stories on the table. Now that she is in the spinoff, they can utilize her character to the fullest. When The Good Fight premieres on CBS and CBS All Access on February 19th, it will be carrying the latter’s banner as the flagship program.

CBS is going up against some really big names in the streaming arena and The Good Fight is the magic bullet that may keep their new streaming service afloat. None of the other streaming networks have a program with as much background as The Good Wife, with seven full seasons giving the new spinoff a huge head start.

Do you think Margulies will ever appear on the spinoff? How big will the show be on its premiere night?

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