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‘Greenleaf’ Promotes Two Cast Members


Greenleaf has decided to promote Lovie Simone and GregAlan Williams after a successful first season run. The Oprah Winfrey executive produced drama has been well received since it debuted this year and made a pretty good call in upping the screen time of these two members.

Greenleaf is about the Greenleaf family and their skeletons, set against the backdrop of one of the largest churches in the world. Twenty years of secrets and shame finally catch up with them, mainly preacher Grace Greenleaf.

Williams was instrumental as Robert McCready, fighting off a sex scandal that damaged his career and many of those around him. In many ways the church took more blame than he did, leading to a lot of doubt about what really went on. Simone as Zora Greenleaf was the daughter of both Kerissa and Jacob Greenleaf. In her limited time on screen she showed a much different personality than the rest of her family. As her cousin Sophie’s best friend, there was a real dynamic to build on when they were on screen together. The show will only be improved by their continued chemistry, so it’ll be fun to see where the story goes from here.

Church dramas without Tyler Perry involved are hard to find, and especially without a comedic element. Greenleaf is solid, real and covers a lot of corruption within its walls to keep the viewers interested. In its current state the show may be the best thing on the network by the time season 2 rolls around in 2017. Expect for there to be more announcements about additions to the series. Just hope that they don’t say anything about changing showrunners!

Is Greenleaf the best new show to come on the OWN network this year? What do you think of the current storylines and the characters being promoted?

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