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A First season of Comedy series Great News aired on April 25, 2017

S1 Started April 25, 2017

Some of us had to work with our parents in order to have our first job, to get a foot in the door and some experience before we had the independence and skills to get a job on our own terms. But imagine if you found yourself working with a parent in the middle of your career? Well that is the plot of Great News, a new show from NBC in which Tina Fey plays an executive producer on the rise in the industry, who ends up working with her Mom who interns at the TV station.

A nightmare or a blessing? Well, you’ll have to watch the show to see how it all pans out. Hence the tongue in cheek title chosen by NBC, #GreatNews. One can imagine saying this sarcastically upon hearing the news, eyes rolling, smile vanished, sighing with your head in your hands. It’s something we’ve all had to deal with before, and this universality ensures the show will be relatable for all budding viewers.

Fey is the star, producer, writer and creator of the show. If you’ve been living in a cave for the last decade and don’t know who she is, let us inform you. She is the powerhouse behind Mean Girls, 30 Rock, Sisters and a huge star of Saturday Night Live. If that’s not enough to convince you of her gravitas then we don’t know what is.

Other notable cast and production crew include Tracey Wigfield, the show’s producer along with Fey. Andrea Martin from My Big Fat Greek Wedding will play her overbearing mother, while Adam Campbell (Epic Movie and Date Movie), Kimrie Lewis-Davis (Scandal) and John Michael Higgins (Pitch Perfect, Yes Man and Bad Teacher) make up the rest of the main cast.

Although the cast is stellar, it is the writing team that is making us giddy with excitement. As mentioned before, Tina Fey is of course on the writing as well as the acting team as she is always. She is joined by two other people who also worked on 30 Rock, Robert Carlock and David Miner! Carlock and Miner both also worked on The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Miner’s list of achievements reads like a what’s what of great comedies: Brooklyn Ninety-Nine, Parks and Recreation, Master of None, and The Tracy Morgan Show.

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So it’s clear that this show has a juggernaut team behind it that should ensure both its commercial but also critical success. This is one to watch for sure. Productions studios involved in the show’s making are Universal Television, Little Stranger and 3 Arts Entertainment.

While there has been no official announcement on the exact start date, the show is being integrated into NBC’s 2016-2017 season. We can probably expect the pilot to air sometime in Fall, so expect an announcement over the next few months but certainly no later than September. A perfect start to the new television season.

We don’t know what excites us the most. Whether it’s the return of Tina Fey to a new show, the writing team behind heavy weight shows like Parks and Recreation and 30 Rock, or a stellar cast including actors from some of the

biggest comedy titles of the last decade. What’s got you most looking forward to the show? What do you think Tina Fey could bring to the parent-child comedy dynamic that hasn’t been done yet?

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Great News has set its series premiere for April 25th! The NBC show is about a New Jersey mom working at the same job as her daughter. When mom and daughter clash, guess who gets stuck in the middle?

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