‘Grace’ Is More Than A Logline


With ABC slowly becoming the king of family comedies, they have also expanded their reach to dramas. This one is new territory for any network, and is sure to get a lot of attention, both positive and negative.

Grace is being developed and is about a popular minister with a prominent family in Grace, Missouri. The family is the typical good family with religious ties to the community that make them strong pillars to all. But their entire lives change when their minister father reveals that he is gay, a confession that leaves them breathless.

All of their children are grown up with their own personal lives, but that only adds to the impact of the story. This isn’t another 7th Heaven show that candy coats a lot of issues, and it plans on setting a specific tone for with the premiere. Considering that ABC is owned by Disney, this is a very ambitious drama that will get a lot of looks, whether negative or positive. As a serialized drama, there will be plenty of time to explore the town they live in and whatever consequences may come.

The best thing about the show is that it is inspired by real life events, namely writer Jonathon E. Stewart. He is writing the series along with Eyal Podell, and everything about the show looks like a multi-season winner. Dramas with religious elements are incredibly powerful when done right, yet it can also lead to a pretty quick one and done when wrong. If viewers give Grace a chance it can turn into a really powerful series, and will be one of many coming out in the next few years as ABC experiments with formats.

Will Grace turn into a big show for ABC? What do you think of the premise compared to their other programming?

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