‘Gotham’ Adds James Remar To Cast


The cast of Gotham just keeps on growing, and this time around it isn’t a villain. FOX is bringing aboard James Remar to play Frank Gordon. For viewers not familiar with the Batman universe, Frank is Jim’s uncle. This is a pretty important spot since Frank Gordon has a bit of a past on him, and can directly influence Jim.

Frank left the family after Jim’s dad died in a car crash. Yet for no reason at all he is showing up after 25 years of no contact. Frank tends to keep a lot of secrets, and is one of those smart characters that tip toes the line between good and evil. When he shows back up in Jim’s life, will there be a life changing decision that has to be made between family and the city of Gotham?

Remar has been a busy man as of late, landing positions on The Path and Code Black. Before that he had roles in Dexter, Sex and the City and Grey’s Anatomy. Remar was cast as Kodiak on The Path in season 2, and did a great job in a role that you would miss if you blinked. He directly influenced 3 major character arcs with his short appearance, so there is no telling what his Gordon character will do on Gotham.

The DC themed show has been heavy with the casting as of late, recasting Poison Ivy and playing around with a lot of new villains. Since it has been on the air the show has always been villain central, with just enough balance to keep things interesting for the audience. With Frank Gordon coming aboard with an unknown secret, there will no doubt be a new villain somehow attached to his character.

Does Gotham have the best villains on television? Is Frank Gordon a good or evil character?

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