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A Third season of Good Witch began airing on April 30, 2017

S3 Started April 30, 2017

Combining the elements of magic, drama, comedy and fantasy into one entertaining television program, Good Witch is a Hallmark Channel original series, in partnership with ITV, about a widowed enchantress and her teenage daughter and their nosy new neighbors. The show picks up where the #GoodWitch franchise of television movies left off, and with seven movies produced, it only made sense to transition the show into a more regularly released series. Anyone who enjoys their drama with a side of laughs, this show is not to be missed.

When can fans expect to see a third season of the show?

The hour long series was renewed last year for a second season, which is scheduled to run until mid-June, while fans are already eagerly anticipating the next season. While it hasn’t officially been renewed, it hadn’t been last season either at this point, and with such a strong existing fan base that was established from the movies and over the course of the first two episodes, a third season is likely for a release sometime in the first half of 2017, especially with such strong ratings.

How are the ratings for the second season compared to the first season of the show?

The series premiere clocked in at an impressive 2.91 million viewers, which had dropped to 2.01 million by the second episode. From there, the amount of people watching fluctuated from around 2 million, with ups and downs by about a quarter of a million viewers from one episode to the next. The current season started with 2.19 million, and had only dropped by 200 thousand viewers by the next episode, and has stayed steadily near two million since then for all of the episodes since. The fewest viewers for any single episode for season one was 1.81 million viewers, and 1.92 million for the currents season thus far.

Where can people catch up on the first season of #GW?

Those looking to catch up on the first and second season of GW, full episodes are available for viewing on the W Network website. There are also recaps, clips, exclusive interviews and trivia available on Hallmark Channel’s website.

How are people reacting to the show?

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Coming in at an impressive 7.1 out of ten stars on, with growing popularity, it certainly looks like the show is here to stay, and fans will agree for the most part. While many people were saddened by the loss of her husband, and the growing up of the daughter during the transition to the series from the movies, it has held strong with this new turn for the show and the family. Critics also would like to see more of the magic that made the movies so memorable and unpredictable, but are pleased with the excellent acting and writing on the show.

Should people watch the movies before they watch the show?

While the show is a continuation of the original movies, those who are interested in watching the series don’t need to catch up on the movies first. In fact, they may enjoy the show more if they

haven’t already watched the movies because they won’t be missing characters and wishing for the magic of the original series. At that point, if people hadn’t already watched the movie franchise, they could catch up on those after the series has ended or while catching up.

Is this a good show for families to watch together?

It’s probably a little more entertaining for mothers and daughters to watch together, because they may find the characters more relatable.


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