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‘Glare’ Prepares For An HBO Run


J.J. Abrams has unfinished business over at HBO. The producer is looking to bring a new space series to the network named Glare, about the colonization of another planet. If you’re looking for script details beyond that, well then good luck! This will be one of the most guarded new series to come to HBO in years since Westworld, which coincidentally Abrams executive produces. That can only mean it will have a budget equally as respectable, with a very appealing cast.

Westworld was hit with multiple years of delays as it attempted to make the jump from a cult hit movie to a television show. There were more hands on deck than any other show, and it had a budget equal to Game of Thrones. There were some times where it looked like it would never make it to the screen, until finally it made its season one debut and blew every other show out of the water. The finale just aired and capped a spectacular season, with the only unfortunate side effect being the wait for season 2. A ridiculously long wait until 2018 awaits viewers, and it’s not going to be pretty. With all of the time that Abrams has until Westworld airs, he can both develop and air Glare.

On the big screen Abrams has been handling Star Wars and Star Trek, so there is hope that Glare will be a mashup of sorts of those two movies. When and if that happens, HBO will have little to worry about when GOT goes off the air after its eighth season. The network seems is becoming a lot more science fiction friendly as of late, and it’s a welcome change.

How big of a series will Glare be? Do you think it will be better than any material on the Syfy network?

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