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The Third season of the Comedy series Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce premiered on January 11, 2017

S3 Started January 11, 2017

In Bravo’s hit show Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce we have been left hanging on the drama happening between Abby and Jake. They started season 2 by hooking up in secret, until they were discovered by Zoey, who had sworn to keep the hookup secret. But things went sour when Abby found out that Jake had kept Becca’s pregnancy from her. Ultimately they broke up for the second time. But maybe their love can rekindle yet again when we run into season 3.

There is an ongoing drama between Abby and Becca, however, as by an odd turn of events Abby has been caring for her ex-husband’s baby mama, especially as she has been put on bed rest. It may be this dynamic will not only keep Abby and Jake in each other’s lives, but show Jake just how much Abby continues to care about him and her family as she puts the needs of her son’s future half-sibling before her own emotional happiness.

The showrunner Marti Noxon has said about the show, “When women are asked now if they think they can have it all, their response is, ‘I’m not even thinking about that — I’m just thinking about all the things I need to do to not lose my mind.’ Men and women both are supposed to be all things to all people. And for women, I don’t think we’ve taken off the pressure to also be a pretty, pretty princess when we do it. It’s a lot to try to live up to.” 

Meanwhile Delia has been planning for her wedding with Gordon, while handling all of the stress associated with getting married. While she will most likely get married at the end of season 2, we will either see her wedding in season 3 or see the troubles that she is sure to run into as a newlywed. We know that she has been trying to make nice with her future mother-in-law and hope that things continue to go smoothly for the couple as they make their way down the aisle.

Zoey and Jo, the other primary characters in the show, have moved in with Abby on a semi-permanent status. And Jo is rediscovering feelings about her ex that she thought she was long over while Zoey has found that her relationship with her parents is actually better than she ever imagined. The future of both divorcees seems unknown, but Jo is certain to explore her long lost feelings as the show moves into season 3.

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The show has received mostly positive ratings, being referred to as “sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking” show by the Chicago Sun-Times. The A.V. Club referred to the show as “visually, it’s almost (there’s one obvious green-screen moment in the pilot, but it’s not Ringer level), but every character here is deeply flawed.” It’s the flawed characters that have kept the audiences captivated, allowing people to find realistic personalities facing real-life problems that they can relate to. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch referred to the show was “a smart, solid examination of just how messy relationships are and how hard it is to make them work.”  

With the strong cast, including Lisa

Edelstein in the primary role of Abby, a self-help author. The current cast is very likely to remain the same into season 3. While the well-known Janeane Garofalo had left in the first season as her character had to move away, the cast since then seems to be solid and shows no signs of changing.

You can catch episodes of #Girlfriends’GuideDivorce on Bravo, or streaming online on Hulu. Episodes are also available for purchase with Amazon Video.

The return of Girlfriends Guide to Divorce is set for January 11th! Abby, Jo and Delia will be returning for season 3 after the shocking finale that left viewers speechless. This will be the best one yet, so don’t miss it!

UPDATED April 14, 2016

It seems like divorce is big business over at Bravo! 'Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce' has been picked up for an unprecedented 3 more seasons taking the comedy right through to season 5! Season 2, just wrapped in February and was holding its own with a 660,000 weekly audience. The COO of NBC Universal Cable, Jeff Wachtel, praised the series as being able to capture a 'slice of zeitgeist' and went on to say that the 3 season renewal was going to ensure that audiences could discover and then enjoy the show 'forever'!

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