‘Girl Meets World’ Meets High School


When Disney first announced a spinoff of ‘Boy Meets World’, everyone was excited and assumed it would be about eternal lovers Corey and Topanga. Then when the official plotline came out that it would center on their kids, you could hear a collective groan from fans of the original series. But since Girl Meets World has been on the air, it has been nothing but a pleasure to watch for all ages. The show brings in a lot of the older characters who don’t overstay their welcome, and for the most part the magic of the original show is there.

Well time has passed since season 1, and the show is now on season 3. If you blinked, then you missed a lot! The kids are now in high school and dealing with some very new issues. Some of them are the all too familiar bullies, initiation gags and general growing up. Even Farkle is changing for the better, and has become more mature when it comes to his heart. This of course shakes things up in the group where he was already an outsider, and may carry on for the rest of the season. As for the girls, they are having a harder time adjusting to high school as he is. Riley and Maya are dealing with pressure from both family and friends, and it will be interesting to see if the show continues to confront these problems head on.

Girl Meets World is a highly popular Disney show that may have been the inspiration for the creation of ‘Fuller House’. It shows that the newer generation can be as precocious as the one that was before it. Consider this the beginning of new revolution in family friendly programming that is still entertaining for adults.

Do you watch Girl Meets World? Do you think it is better than Boy Meets World?


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