‘Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life’ Is Almost Here!


Gilmore Girls is back, and it’s all thanks to Netflix! The journey to watch the new season wasn’t always so rosy, and there was a little bit of controversy to even get the green light. In honor of the renewal, cast member Lauren Graham took to social media and delivered a video urging fans to binge on all 7 seasons of the show before the late fall release of the revival. For those that didn’t have access to the old shows, Netflix is streaming all of the seasons on July 1st, giving new time viewers plenty of time to catch up with everyone else. And for the fans it gives them another excuse to watch one of their favorite shows of all time, all over again!

The promotional hits all of right spots, and is even filmed in front of the town featured in the show. That’s more than enough incentive to watch all 153 episodes, and considering all of the things you may have missed on the first watch, a second might be warranted.

When the revival was first mentioned, it drew a lot of interest since the series could finally come to a close worth being proud of. For a show that ran as long as Gilmore Girls, not having that perfect ending left a bad taste in the mouths of many fans.

Part of the attention went to former producer Gavin Polone who started a lawsuit against Warner Bros. Television for the revival, claiming he was owed $200,000 for the new series. The lawsuit has merit and may actually go somewhere, but thankfully won’t affect the making of the series or its streaming.

How good will the Gilmore Girls revival be compared to the originals? What show would you like to see get a revival and proper ending on Netflix?

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