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The fate of Ghost Asylum Season 4 remains up in the air

Release Date of #GhostAsylum S4: To be announced

Venturing into the realms of the unknown and mysterious, reality show Ghost Asylum follows a group of professional ghost hunters called the Tennessee Wraith Chasers who visit some of the spookiest places in the United States. The show is now into its third season, and though they’ve visited many haunted places, there is no shortage of frightening footage and spooky sounds that they have caught. What sets #GhostAsylum apart from other paranormal shows is that they set out to capture the spirits, in complete Ghostbusters style. They have state of the art equipment that will help them catch a ghost and record it for analysis. The show airs on Destination America and is a must see for anyone who questions the noises they hear, and wonder just what are the things that go bump in the night.

Where do they plan to visit during season three?

Season three is the first to bring the team off of solid ground, as they visit a haunted destroyer called the U.S.S Edson that is docked in Michigan. The ship served during the Vietnam War, and regardless of its ghostly activity, the ship has a vast history which is why it is featured at the Saginaw Valley Naval Ship Museum. They also have plans to visit a couple other hospitals, including the Old South Pittsburg Hospital in Tennessee, and the Peoria State Hospital in Illinois. The Chasers will also be visiting the Missouri State Penitentiary and the Castillo de San Marcos with the rest of the lineup to be determined.

Who are the Tennessee Wraith Chasers?

The Tennessee Wraith Chasers are a group of five men who take a light-hearted approach to their ghost hunting, and try to either disprove or validate each case they encounter. The group was founded in 2009 by Christopher Smith, who became interested in paranormal activity after his own encounter with it years prior. This interest led him to win a spot on SyFy’s Ghost Hunter’s Academy. Alongside him is his co-founder Steven McDougal, who serves as the comic relief for the show. Scott Porter is the historian, who researches the places they visit as well as handling the team’s canine unit. Brannon Smith is the brain behind the team, but mostly behind the concept of the traps, while Chasey Ray McKnight engineers the traps.

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Do they actually ever communicate or capture a ghost?

This really comes down to whether or not people believe in ghosts and paranormal activity. For many, the encounters they have can easily be explained away scientifically, but for believers, sometimes believing is the only option. They have claimed to pick up on ghostly communications in the past, and have believed that many of their spur of the moment ghost trap ideas actually worked and resulted in the capturing of a spirit. In the research phase of a certain location, the team picks up on clues that they can then later apply to their investigation. If they learn the name of a person who may have died in a particular room in a deserted hospital, they use that when they attempt to communicate, and often experience another spirit in the room at that point.

Are there any other shows about ghosts that are

worth checking out? 

When it comes to ghost hunting, there is really no shortage of shows to watch to learn everything possible about the concept of ghost hunting. Ghost Hunters is one of the most popular in the style, as it similarly follows one group of paranormal researchers who investigate haunted houses. Ghost Adventures is a highly rated Travel Channel show that follows a group as they investigate some of the scariest places in the world.

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Tracy Mcfayden
Tracy Mcfayden
1 year 6 months ago

I can only watch re-runs so many times so plzzzzzzzz bring them back for season 4

Andrea Hutchins
Andrea Hutchins
9 months 15 days ago

Bring on season 4 please, I love watching these guys, they’re awesome