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A Fourteenth season of Documentary series Ghost Adventures aired on March 25, 2017

S14 Started March 25, 2017

The Best Show For Ghost Lovers!

If you’ve seen one ghost show, you’ve seen them all, right? Wrong. Ghost Adventures takes paranormal investigating to a whole other level, as the hosts lock themselves into the haunted locations and wait for things to pop off around them.

Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, Aaron Goodwin, and their small yet dedicated crew of technicians head to the most infamously spook-filled places in the country in search of proof and explanation. After catching the viewers up about the history of the haunting activity, interviewing witnesses and those who live and work there, they setup their traps and X marks the spots where there were reported happenings.

Once their sophisticated and ghost-sensitive equipment is setup and ready to go, the team lock the doors and hole-up for the night, capturing their nocturnal adventures with the plethora of electronics. Sometimes, it’s not direct contact, but the phenomena of equipment failure for no apparent reason which convinces them that ghosts were evidently there.

The series has received a wide-range of mixed reviews and comments since its inception, but the current IMDb rank has the series at a fairly high 7.7 out of 10 with nearly 5,200 votes cast. With over 50 viewer comments, the overall consensus is clear: this show is way better than Ghost Hunters. Viewers can’t help but compare the two classic haunting shows, and those who love this one feel that the hosts are truly passionate and excited about the locations they visit and want to bring the viewers along for the ride.

There are also numerous comments about the quality editing, the rich and interesting locations chosen to be featured, and the hilarity of the hosts; Aaron is the jumpy drama-queen, Nick is the experimenter and the first one to run when spooked, Zak is the tough leader and anchor of the series. Fans enjoy the fact that there are only three people in the haunted location, lessening the possibility for contamination.

Those who voted against this show, commented about the phoniness of their reactions, the ridiculous explanation they provide about a haunting using the supposed evidence collected, and their inability to remain calm under pressure. Apparently, paranormal investigators are not supposed to be alarmed when they witness something, and should be more like law enforcement arriving at the scene of a murder; apathetic and procedural.

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This long-running series has enjoyed strong viewership over the years. Last season’s premiere had 0.81 million viewers and its finale had 0.67 million, with an overall average of 0.76 million across all 13 episodes.

Lucky season 13 premiered on September 24, 2016, and earned a demo rating of 0.27 with 0.73 million viewers. After seven episodes, the average viewership was at 0.71 million viewers, just barely below that of season 12.

Those are strong numbers, and with any luck this show will continue for more seasons to come. The network has not made any announcements about a fourteenth season yet, but there will likely be more GA in 2017.

#GhostAdventures airs on Saturday nights at 9pm ET on Travel Channel. All episodes of the show can also be found on Amazon Video and the iTunes Store.

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