George RR Martin Has A Big Twist In Store For ‘Game of Thrones’ But It Won’t Be Used On TV


We all know that a tv adaptation is never going to match up exactly with the source material, but in the case of HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’  the discrepancies are the other way around for the first time, since the television series has now overtaken the published works. The saga is still two novels shy of completion and author George RR Martin is blowing his deadlines at an alarming rate!

This has put George RR Martin in an interesting position. He has found himself wondering if he should stick with what he originally conceived for a particular scene in Winds of Winter, or if he should edit it more in keeping with how HBO have filmed it! However, he has come to the conclusion that the show will not dictate the books! This means that when the next book in the series is finally published, readers will see a massive plot twist that simply cannot be achieved in the television adaptation – largely because it involves a character that is dead in the HBO version, but still alive in the novels. This could mean any number of characters, but the smart money is on Stannis Baratheon.

Overall, the decision from Martin not to adapt his remaining books according to the television series is good news for fans of both versions. It is exciting to know that whatever comes in season 6 is going to be a surprise for everyone allowing readers to go into this season without any expectations. It also suggests that although Martin has said that the show may contain spoilers for Winds of Winter, there are still going to be substantial differences so that the experience is not spoiled entirely when the new book is published.

Season 6 of Game of Thrones comes to HBO on April 24 at 9pm ET and Winds of Winter will be published whenever Martin finally finishes his manuscript!

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