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‘Geordie Shore’ Series 13 Cast Is Finalized!


After a bit of waiting from excited viewers, the producers have finally revealed the series 13 cast. The biggest surprise is the name that’s missing, and becomes noticeable in the trailer. But the one thing they didn’t leave out of the trailer are the usual antics of the cast.

The original Charlotte Crosby is the one missing from series 13, and the star admits that quitting the show was a bad decision. Leaving the show was between her and Gaz Beadle, at which point millions of fans would say the wrong cast member quit.

That means that Gaz Beadle is returning, in all of his annoying glory. He has been with the series from the beginning, so gets a temporary pass for being an original.

Aaron Chalmers and his crazy tattoo ideas will be in the new series, and is one of the most inked celebrities in the world.

Amazingly Sophie and Chantelle Connelly are coming back, just so one of them could say goodbye for good. Guess old habits die hard!

Party girl Chloe Ferry will be showing her face, and will try not to do anything too controversial. With Holly Hagan having her back it is a combination that sends chills down the spines of television sensors everywhere.

And rounding out the rest of the group will be Marnie Simpson, Marty McKenna, Scott Timlin and Nathan Henry. The usual craziness is expected this season, and should be just fine without Crosby there to cheer everyone on. The one thing this show doesn’t lack is crazy characters, as Geordie Shore has enough crazy to power an entire city. Fans should definitely tune in to see the Connelly farewell episode, as it is expected to be stellar.

Are you disappointed Crosby isn’t in series 13? Who else would you like to see off of the show?

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