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The Fourteenth season of the Comedy series Geordie Shore was originally broadcast on March 28, 2017

S14 Started March 28, 2017

Geordie Shore is back for lucky series 13 and there are some exciting changes! This new series is coming off of the ultra high viewership of series 12, the most-watched in the entire show’s history.

A Big Birthday Battle anniversary special aired six episodes from May 10 through June 14, 2016. The spin-off special series was not only to celebrate the fifth year anniversary of the show, but it also marked the 100th episode, and brought the new cast together with the old cast.

The biggest buzz about series 13 is the loss of Charlotte Crosby, who made it clear during the Big Birthday Battle spin-off that she would not be returning the following series. There are two cast members who are returning full-time for this new series, because apparently it takes two to fill Charlotte’s empty shoes. Sophie Kasaei and Kyle Christie came back for what viewers thought was a cameo in the spin-off, but they are staying permanently.

The cast gets to visit some exciting new party island locations in this new series, with filming occurring in Ayia Napa, Kavos, Corfu, Magaluf, and Ibiza. Never fear, fans, they will still be partying around Newcastle upon Tyne, too.

IMDb voters rank this show at a low 5.3 out of 10 with nearly 3,500 votes cast. Viewers mostly comment about the show either being a huge waste of time and a disgusting disgrace to humanity, or a totally entertaining set with all the drama, sex, and nonsense one would expect from this type of show.

As long as it is watched for the fun of it there’s no harm in the series, as it was not created to be an earth-shattering, accurate portrayal of life in the North-east of England. It does not represent all people who live there, just as Jersey Shore (the American counter-part) does not accurately represent all people who are from New Jersey.

The show had a slow start but a steady fan following that kept it airing on MTV. The first five series’ remained under a million average viewers, but series 6 really took the show to new highs when the primary filming location moved to Sydney, Australia.

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The following two series’ were both above a million average viewers, then the show dipped again for another two. Series 11 took the cast to Zante, Greece and managed to catch an average of 1.15 million viewers. But series 12 was the most watched to date, with 1.24 million average viewers.

Series 13 premiered on October 25, 2016, and while there is no official viewership data being reported about the first episode, taking a look at the show’s strong social media presence, with 1.3 million Twitter followers and 3.2 million Facebook likes for their official page, gives the indication that this series is not going anywhere.

While MTV has not made any official announcements about a renewal or cancelation yet, with such a hugely popular platform and premise, there’s no reason to believe there won’t be a series 14 coming soon.

GS airs Tuesday nights at 10pm on MTV.

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