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Animal Planet is yet to decide on the future of the Gator Boys for Season 8

Release Date of #GatorBoys S8: To be announced

Gator Boys arrived on our TV screens in the form of a reality TV series in 2012 and the series airs on Animal Planet. The series stars among others, Ashley Lawrence, Paul Bedard and Jimmy Riffle.

What’s It All About?

As the name might suggest, #GatorBoys focuses on a group of men who find it fun to wrestle and capture alligators. Paul and Jimmy are the people to go to if you are having issues with alligators in Florida as they capture them and relocate them at their alligator rescue center. Throughout the series they have had to deal with many situations including rescuing people from 1,000 pound alligators which have been found in swimming pools, bedrooms and just about every other location you could imagine.

What’s Been Happening?

#GB arrived on our TV screens on January 1 2012 and viewers saw Jimmy and Paul clashing over plans on whether to expand the GB Rescue operation into doing wrestling alligator shows travelling around the country.

Throughout the season viewers have seen the boys trying to save an alligator with eight toes before it gets killed, the boys capturing alligators that are huge, dealing with torrential rain when trying to catch alligators and more.

The season came to an end on February 12 2012 when the boys were busy trying to capture an alligator that had made its way onto a school playground and Tre got bitten by a huge Burmese python.

The latest season to air at the time of writing is season 7 and the season began in 2015 with the latest episode being episode 4 with the title of Battle in the Bayou.

What’s In Store?

Season 7 is going to continuing much to the delight of fans of the series but are we going to see a season 8?

As season 7 is still continuing there hasn’t been any news just yet about a season 8. However the show is very popular with viewers of reality TV and nature shows so we cannot see why there wouldn’t be another season coming our way.

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What Are The Top 3 Outstanding Episodes?

There have been many superb episodes of #GatorBoys but there are some episodes that do stand out above the others.

Season 3 episode 1 was among the best when following many years of building up the rescue program for alligators the boys have to leave the Everglades Holiday Park and Jimmy found a gator ranch but it was in Mississippi and Paul is very reluctant to make the move. The boys then have to decide whether they are going to move or close down.

Season 4 episode 2 is among the best when the boys had to deal with a large number of nuisance alligators and Ashley begins to think that the others are trying to push her out so that Kayla can take over and Kayla has a go at catching alligators by hand.

Season 5 episode 3 was one of the most outstanding when the Paul had his hands full with an alligator that was dying and Kimmy had to wrestle with a gator in a muddy pool.

Choices for Watching Again

If you have missed any

episodes of GB you will be happy to hear that you can get seasons on DVD.

Are you a big fan of the Gator Boys and have you watched the show since it began airing? Are you enjoying the current season and looking forward to a new one? Give us your thoughts about the series in the comments and don’t forget that you can sign up for notifications to be reminded about upcoming episodes and seasons.

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1 year 2 months ago

Love watching the gator boys. They one on one with the gators, love that

8 months 22 days ago

I miss this show. I bought season 1-4 I wish I could get the 5-7.

1 month 3 days ago

I live further up north where there are no gators (thank God)) but this is a wildly entertaining and addicting show!