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Gangland Undercover Season 3? Fate still up in the air

Release Date of #GanglandUndercover S3: To be announced

Real Story, Real Danger.

Gangland Undercover is a series on the History Channel which chronicles the experiences of Charles Falco, an undercover agent who foisted a biker gang in America that was well-known for its nefarious and criminal acts.

The show is completely re-enacted and follows Falco’s story as he went from being a meth dealer to a confidential undercover ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms) informant. His assignment required him to infiltrate the Vagos Motorcycle Club, gain their trust, and help the ATF take them down.

The first episode placed a statement at the beginning which explained that the series is based on real events which happened between 2003-2006, and that specific details, such as names and places, have all been changed out of the need to protect those involved.

Falco’s disguised voice narrates the opening sequence, adding intrigue: “When I first took a deal to become an undercover informant of a biker gang, I did it to save my own skin. But over the next three years, putting bad guys away became my personal mission. I saw it as a chance to make amends for my past mistakes. But I paid a heavy price. I’m Charles Falco, and this is my story.”

IMDb voters rank the series a very high 8.4 out of 10 with nearly 1,800 votes cast. Viewers have commented about the series being very well acted, directed, and compellingly narrated, holding their attention for the entire six hours. Those who dislike the show, say that the break-away to narration is disruptive and annoying when placed right in the middle of an action scene, and that the series would have been better if it was stretched out over a longer season.

Viewership and Season Break-Downs.

The first season debuted on February 24, 2015, and was only a six episode special series. The premiere episode earned a viewership of 1.06 million, and by the end of that season viewers weren’t certain that the show would continue, as the network did not advertise a continuation of the story.

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The show took viewers on a linear timeline through the events that unfolded. They watched as Falco took the informant deal with the ATF to avoid charges for his meth dealing and met up with the Vagos gang. Once Falco was a man on the inside, he gets involved with more than he signed up for, including jail time for attempted murder, the loss of friends and loved ones, and he begins to blur the lines between his roles in the ATF operation and the gang. The season concludes with the operation ending in a huge raid that challenges Falco’s existence.

After a very long hiatus, season 2 premiered on September 27, 2016, and is an 8-episode run this time, taking it through November 14, 2016. As of this writing, no viewership information has been released.

This season, Falco is offered another assignment by the ATF after having been in witness protection for a while. He has a new handler, a new crime boss’s trust to earn, and a run-in with an old arch-nemesis from his days with the Vagos gang.

The History Channel has not made any official announcements about future seasons, but there is buzz from fans about a third being possible, since the books written by Falco follow him through at least three different undercover infiltration assignments.

New episodes of #GU season 2 air on Tuesdays at 11am on the History Channel. Re-runs of the current season air at various days and times throughout the week, and are also available online for 7-days after the original airing.

What do you think about the new season of GU? Are the situations Falco gets into just as compelling and

frightening as the first season? Do you want to see a third season of this show?

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1 year 14 days ago

It would be dreadful if they didn’t at least make a 3rd Season so we at least know if he survives Season 2 and what happens with his romance, baby, etc. I say, do Season 3 PLEASE

1 year 13 days ago

great show, been waiting for season 3 too long

9 months 18 days ago

love the show would be sadly disapointed if it did not get renued. Waiting for season 3 and hoping to see the whole show come to a full end before getting canceled.

7 months 19 days ago

Excellent show. Besides being entertaining it has great music and it’s educational by giving an insider’s view into the workings of outlaw motorcycle gangs. One of my favourite series.

5 months 25 days ago

So tired of getting into a program and after 2 sessions they discontinue it. Please finish what you started. I want the ending.

Tim Addie
Tim Addie
5 months 15 days ago

Why can’t Sky even make a decision over season 3, better still get on and broadcast it?