‘Game of Thrones’ Countdown Until the End


Whether you want to realize it or not, Game of Thrones is coming to an end very soon. Season 6 has come and is almost gone, and there have been enough twists and turns to make your head spin. There was a lot of hoopla surrounding this season, as it is the first to wing the writing and not adapt from a George R.R. Martin book. Three episodes are left and they have been named in a way that makes it seem like the showrunners are trolling the fans. The teasing is obvious, but it’s sure to have its fair share of remarkable moments leading up to the finale.

The final three episodes of the season are named No One, Battle of Bastards and The Winds of Winter. A lot of rumors are going around, notably about a potential faceoff between the psychotic Ramsey Bolton and the zombie John Snow. At this point Ramsey has the upper hand, holding hostages from the Stark family and having a larger army. The amount of desperation coming from the side of Sansa stark is so massive that she is beginning to lie to John Snow, and even doubt his allegiance as her brother. If this continues in its current state then Sansa could possibly find her way back to Littlefinger and his nefarious grasp.

This only covers part of the North and doesn’t even touch Arya’s storyline which is going to heat up in the episode No One. And let’s not forget about Bran who is on the run from the White Walkers, the religious revolt with the High Sparrow, and the unexpected twist with the Sand Snakes wanting to start a war. There are plenty of other plotlines that will probably not be wrapped up in the last 3 episodes, and it is getting a lot of the fans antsy!

Which of the Game of Thrones storylines do you want wrapped up by the end of the season? And which one do you just want to be forgotten completely?

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