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‘Game 2: Winter’ May Be The Most Dangerous Show Ever


A new Russian reality program is set to become the real life Hunger Games. With a 1.6 million dollar cash prize for the winner, contestants will have to survive the unforgiving Siberian nature reserve for nine months. This isn’t like Survivor where camera crews are a couple of feet away and the producers are eating steak in a tent just off camera. The contestants will be alone, and could very well die. All of the 15 men and 15 women participating will have to sign a legal waiver with the understanding they could be injured or die during the show.

Contestants will be monitored with remote controlled cameras in the game zone and individual hand held cameras. The producers have medical teams on standby, but reaction times can be incredibly slow. And the dangers aren’t just wildlife and weather, the other contestants pose a risk too! Producers are expecting violence as the contestants try to survive the conditions, but there will still be some law and order initiated. Russian law will still be followed, so anything out of the ordinary like murder is not permitted. That still doesn’t take away from the millions of other things the contestants can do to one another, and will do in order to survive.

Show creator Yevgeny Pyatkovsky plans to take make this an international hit since the interest is already there. The problem is finding networks that will back it without trying to censor the content. This is an incredible concept for a show and could be a modern day Gladiator. So why the Hunger Game reference? Viewers can donate money each week to send supplies to their favorite contestants!

Will this be an international hit or will it be too controversial to gain traction? What do you think about the specifics for a contestant to be crowned the winner?

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