‘G.L.O.W.’ Picks Up Alison Brie


The long awaited G.L.O.W. from Netflix is still finalizing some things, with casting being at the top of the list. Alison Brie from Community was just cast in the female wrestling series, and is ready to get to work ASAP. There is no word on what character she will play, and there still isn’t an official release date for the series. Here are some facts about the show and its newly hired actress.

  1. Brie was probably hired since she is already in the Netflix pool, as she does voice work on Bojack Horseman. Without any official word there is no telling if she will play one of the female wrestlers, although chances are pretty high.
  2. She has had roles on Mad Men, Doctor Thorne, Get Hard and Scream 4. Her voice work on Bojack Horseman splits duties between Diane Nguyen, Olivia, Samantha the Critic and Vincent Adultman. Brie has also lent her voice to video games, having a prominent role as Black Widow on Marvel Avengers Academy.
  3. Creators Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch are creating the groundbreaking series, but it has already been tackled in a much more serious tone with GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. The award winning film has been out since 2012 and is regarded as a fantastic view into the world of women’s wrestling.
  4. Although the show isn’t meant to be a documentary, there will still be issues with stunts being performed. Scripted or not, the moves on the show will be very precise so could endanger the actresses involved. Expect for Netflix to push for a top 5 choreographer.

Being tight lipped about the series is fine, but there are a lot of hungry fans that want to see what the creators can do with the story. When the premiere date is announced, expect for Netflix to be swamped with praise.

What do you think of G.L.O.W.? Will the documentary film be better than the show?

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