FX Cancels ‘Tyrant’


There will be no more Tyrant episodes after the season 3 finale, much to the disappointment of fans everywhere. FX is ending the show after only 3 seasons, even with a lot on the table as far as plot. FX Networks CEO John Landgraf personally thanked everyone involved with the production, and unlike other cancellations his statement seemed genuine. A lot of fans are understandably upset about the move, but fret not as this may not be the end.

  1. Although FX has cancelled the show it is already being actively shopped to other networks. They aren’t just looking at streaming offers, but any compatible network that will have them.
  2. The season 3 finale aired on 9/7/16, and was unsatisfying to a lot of viewers. There are lot of angry comments that have rated the final episode one of the lowest of the 3 seasons, but there are also legitimate comments about there being plot holes. Because the series isn’t ‘officially’ over, they had to leave it open to continue on another network.
  3. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees that they’ll get picked up. This means that any viewer that invested into the series from the beginning will be left hanging if they don’t get picked up.
  4. Creators Howard Gordon, Gideon Raff, Craig Wright are active enough I the industry where there is a good chance it will land on a competing network without a problem. Lead actors Adam Rayner, Jennifer Finnigan, Ashraf Barhom however have other commitments. Any new contracts with a new network will have to be compatible with their schedules.

Tyrant is in an interesting position where a lot of networks want it, yet it may still sit in limbo for various reasons. FX made a mistake cancelling this series, as it was far too soon to give up on Tyrant.

Why do you think FX cancelled the show? What network would be the best fit?

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