‘Future Man’ Ordered By Hulu


Science fiction comedy is a great category of television and that is why Hulu is banking on Josh Hutcherson’s Future Man to be their next big thing. And the comedy will definitely be raunchy, as Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg will be executive producing it.

Hutcherson is best known for the mega franchise Hunger Games, where he made a name for himself in one of the biggest franchises in the world. Starring as Josh Futterman, he is a janitor that also happens to be one of the best video game players in the world. Horrible at his job and social life but a king in the virtual world, Josh finds that after he beats the Cybergeddon, the tables get turned.

Characters from the video game come to life and inform him he just bested the training manual, and now he is the only person alive that can travel back in time and save the world. Yes, it is a cheesy and campy show. Yet it has all of the entertainment value that Pixels had, and that was a fun movie.

The show won’t do anything revolutionary at Hulu, but should produce a fair amount of episodes for the viewing public. The pilot was written by Ariel Shaffir, who serves as an executive producer with Matt Tomach, Kyle Hunter and James Weaver. So there are a lot of hands in the pot with almost ten total producers, yet the biggest voices will more than likely be Rogan and Goldberg.

Premiering sometime in 2017, Future man will be one of the many new Hulu original series going up against Netflix. At the current rate, Hulu may very well be passing Amazon soon.

Which streaming provider has the best original programming out of the big three? Would Future Man make you buy a Hulu subscription?

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