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Season 2 of Fuller House debuted on December 9, 2016

S2 Started December 9, 2016

After much anticipation by adults who grew up watching the original, Netflix created and then released the first season of Fuller House on February 26. Following the story of the now adult young generation of the Tanner family from the hit sitcom Full House that ran in the late eighties to mid-nineties, the show has not disappointed. It runs in the same format as the original, with similar jokes, camera styles and even the same set. Cameos from the original cast have brought many viewers back a couple decades to when they last saw the young version of all the cast. The series was renewed for a second season just days after it aired.

What is the show about? 

Following a similar storyline of the original Full House, FH features an adult and recently widowed D.J. Tanner-Fuller and her three sons as they move back to her childhood home after the sudden loss of her firefighter husband. While her dad and the old gang were moving out of the house, initially with plans to sell it, they offer to stay and help her out. Recognizing that it’s time for them to fly, D.J. insists they move on and her sister Stephanie and childhood best friend Kimmy step up to the plate to help. They end up all moving into the house together, plus Kimmy’s daughter. The show follows their escapades and the adjustment to their new lifestyle.

Who are the returning cast members from Full House?

Much to the delight of audiences, the three main stars, Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, and Andrea Barber all play, respectively, their original roles as D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy. For the show opener, most of the original Full House cast got together to kick the series off. John Stamos who played Uncle Jesse, plans on recurring in the show, as well as being part of the production team. Lori Loughlin, Bob Saget, and Dave Coulier, who played Becky, Danny and Uncle Joey respectively were also in the opener and have said they will reappear periodically throughout the show.

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Should I watch Full House before I watch #FH? 

While some of the jokes and references are clear nods to the original, for those who know it, the show functions as a standalone as well. They develop the characters who are now over twenty years older than they were when the original show concluded, so a lot has changed for them. Those who grew up watching Full House will have a special appreciation for this throw back, and it serves as a great reminder of the importance of family even when the going is tough. If you watch a couple episodes of #FullerHouse and like the premise, it may be worth it to go check out a few episodes of the original series, but it isn’t necessary.

What are fans saying about the reboot of the show? 

If staying up all night binge watching a show on Netflix immediately after it is released is any indicator of what people think of the show, then it has some pretty high praise. Grown adults, who grew up watching Full House, eagerly awaited the arrival of its sequel and got exactly for what

they hoped. It’s relatable to watch, as many viewers who grew up watching the show are now at the same stages in life as the characters on the screen. The show is clever, and filled with puns. It also helps that the cast has the same great chemistry that they did twenty years ago. While professional critics aren’t huge fans, the people who the show is geared towards love it, and that’s really what matters.

The release of the official YouTube trailer for season 2 of Fuller House proves that Netflix made a great choice with rebooting the series. Set to come back on December 9th, this is the best reboot in years! Will the Olsen twins finally make an appearance?

UPDATED September 21, 2016

Fuller House has announced its season 2 premiere date as December 9th. This gives viewers an early chance to see the much talked about love interest that is returning this season. And no, still no Olsen twins guest appearance!

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