‘Fuller House’ Gets A Season 3 Renewal


One of the most successful reboots of all time will continue to air on Netflix thanks to a season 3 renewal. All of Fuller House’s social media accounts lit up with the fantastic news that the family would be back, and even left a nice holiday message for the fans. Season 3 is expected to come around in 2017. The video they posted passing around the gift was a nice touch, and genius marketing to get viewers to binge watch the first two seasons if they have never seen them.

What’s so suprising about Fuller House is that it started out as a cheesy reboot that was supposed to get modest ratings, then kept that cheesiness and became Netflix’s highest rated original series. Even with a huge drop off in the second season, it still remains a show with a lot of charm, heart and history. Being able to pass one of your favorite shows down to a different generation is always a fun thing, especially when it features almost all of the original characters. They’ve all aged gracefully, and Fuller House still remains the unicorn of reboots as other networks use a hit or miss formula. The Olsen twins were arguably one of the biggest stars to come out of the program, and even with their omission in the reboot it still seems complete.

If you include the addition of the children, Fuller House may end up being a more complete show than the original if it keeps going in its general direction. Ratings aren’t expected to have such a sharp drop-off like they did from season 1 to 2, now that the core base is settled. Fans should look at season 3 to be the formula they will use for the rest of the series.

How do you like the rebooted Full House? Will it last more seasons than the original program?

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I really need to know when it’s coming out I dying here.