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BBC Three has cancelled the Comedy series, there will not be a Season 2

#Fried Cancelled, No Season Two :(

Fried is a British sitcom airing on BBC Three. The series first aired in August 2015 and has seen one season so far. Th series features the exploits of the staff at a fried chicken shop in Croyden. The series has not yet been renewed for a second season.

What It’s About

The series follows a failing fast food chicken shop, Seriously @Fried Chicken, and its disgruntled staff members. The staff is led by the ever optimistic manager Mary Fawn who is also hopelessly ineffective. Derek is always annoyed by Mary’s positive attitude and Amara is only working there to make money to pay her father.

Where We Left Off

In the season 1 finale we learn how Mary came to be the manager of Seriously #Fried Chicken. She moves from her position at head office to manage the story in Croyden, doing her best to impress. She is given the position full time, which isn’t exactly what Mary was hoping for. Elsewhere Joe is attempting to get Amara’s attention. Ed suggests deleting texts from Amara’s ex-boyfriend which gets Joe in trouble.

What’s Next

The series has not yet been renewed for a second season by the network. There is some cause for concern as the series last aired in September 2015 and we have heard nothing about a second season. The series only aired six episodes so there isn’t much to go on in the way of ratings but what little they can glean from the series’ performance will likely be taken into account when making the decision about whether to renew the series or not. We will have to wait for word from the network about the fate of the series before we know for sure if the series will be returning for another season.

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Since the series has not yet been renewed for a second season we don’t know what might happen in a new season. There were only six episodes in the first season so there’s not much to go on as for what might happen in a new season of the series. We will have a better idea after we hear more from the network about the fate of the series. Until then we can only really speculate about what might happen in the future. Joe will likely continue his campaign to get Amara to notice him which is likely to have poor results. Other than that we will have to wait for more information from the network before we know what will be happening.

We also don’t know when the series will likely return to the air. The first season aired in August. If the second season follows this pattern we could see another season in the late summer or early fall of 2016. An air date sooner than that seems unlikely without any word from the network. We’ll have a better idea when to expect the series to return after an announcement is made about the fate of the series and the network’s plans for the series if it is to return.

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BBC Three decided to cancel the series, there will not be season 2. Stay tuned as we continue to monitor the future of 'Fried'.

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3 months 29 days ago

As a person who works once a fast food joint watching this gave me hope — it’s comforting, relatable and seriously f’ing funny !!!! I actually started writing my own sitcom script when I began work at thisfast food company abt the staff – because it’s a funny premise – and I feel like this show filled a void in my life hahaha lame i kno but still…. if I could get involved with the filming process of series 2 I would deffo love to
My email
[email protected]

3 months 27 days ago

I thought the show was hilarious also!! I wish they’d make another season 🙁 so disappointed. Watched the series on Netflix