‘Fraggle Rock’ Is Returning


Don’t worry, it isn’t what you’re thinking. HBO didn’t just buy up the rights to Sesame Street, they seem determined to find even more classics to take control of. When it was announced that Fraggle Rock would be making its way to HBO, people got a little worried. But it turns out they are simply remastering all of the old episodes from 1983-1987. Hurray remastering!

It seems executives do understand that the magic of the series can’t be redone, so they are showing the show to a new generation of viewers and bringing nostalgia back to the old viewers. It’s a delicate balancing act that won’t make anyone angry, yet gets HBO a lot of great ratings. Fraggle Rock was just a cute and fun show that was hard not to love. Straight out of Jim Henson’s mind, it had all of the creativity and goofiness you would expect from his characters. The music was always great, with hits that are sure to go viral in today’s social media focused world.

And this isn’t just something that will be stuck to only the HBO channel, as they are sending it to HBO Go, HBO On Demand and HBO Now. Since the remastering is getting the full HBO treatment, now comes the bad news: you know why they’re doing this, right?

This could very well be a vetting process to see if they want to reboot the series. That right there would cause some anger among many fans, long before the series even makes it to the screen. On the other hand there can never be too much Muppet fun, so maybe a new show isn’t a bad idea. And if it is based on Fraggle Rock, how bad can it be?

Is the remastering of Fraggle Rock a good idea? Would you watch a reboot of the series?

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