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‘Foxy Brown’ Is Coming To Hulu


Foxy Brown follows a long line of Blaxploitation movies in the 70’s, and even starred one of the big names of that genre, Pam Grier. Both a financial success and iconic hit, there was also a strong sense of female pride associated with the main character. Now fans will get to relive that glory when it comes to Hulu, only this time it will star Meagan Good.

The television adaptation will be produced by Tony Krantz and DeVon Franklin with a lot of personal attachments from around the industry. Malcolm Spellman and Ben Watkins will write the series, with Spellman best known for his work on Empire. Viewers that aren’t familiar with the source material will be happy to know that it was a pretty decide ride from beginning to end. Foxy Brown is about a woman out for revenge, looking to end the life of the man that killed her boyfriend. It’s a simply plot, but better in execution than Pam Grier’s other film of that era, Coffy.

Good will also be producing, which most likely means she was one of the many pushing for the project. Hopefully she has a good understanding of how important the source material is, since there is enough to go from there that they should have 1-3 seasons minimum. The character was so famous that she served as the man inspiration for Foxxy Cleopatra in Austin Powers Goldmember and the movie Jackie Brown from Quentin Tarantino.

So far the character has been respected fully in movie form, so if Good plans on bringing her to Hulu then she had better bring an A+ game. The character may be old, but there are legions of fans waiting to pounce on her for a bad job.

Is Good the best choice for the character of Foxy Brown? How good will this adaptation be?

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